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Assignment on Relationship Between Theory And Practical Work

Assignment on Relationship Between Theory And Practical Work

 Obviously, in my assignment there was a relationship between theory and practical work. Most of the time the theory could not match with the reality but it helps us a lot. Personally, I believe that theory is the way of understanding and practical work is the way of execution of our understanding. We can treat theory as a policy, skills as a planning and practical work as an execution. Now I want to say that without a proper planning I will never to succeed to execute my policy, so it is clear that without skill I will never to succeed to do a consequence of my theory lessons. I should say also that some theory needs a change because of now-a-days these are inapplicable. Actually, theory is ethics and without ethics, we will not able to do anything.

To be frank, from the beginning I was working as an Feature Reporter in feature section cause I thought the person works on feature report just do some easy work and also the do not got the respect as a news reporter have. Because of some unknown reason I do not have the opportunity to work with the news reporter.

From the first day I have to work with the entire feature department. As the day passes on and as I involve with the feature department so deeply I invent that my prediction was wrong about the feature department.

As I have got multiple assignments and tasks within the same functional area, these assignments should require a variety of skills, outcomes, and exposure to different aspects of an individual department’s operations. But I was not so much skilled and trained to do this job.

I m very much thankful to my supervisor Mr. Pallab Muhaimen, who made me capable to do the job, and I found me as a professional in this required area within a very few days.

I feel that I am a better person now, because I have practical experience and latest information, before I have not enough confident that I am quite capable to make a report. But now I have experience and now I can say that I am an educated and well-skilled news reporter.

There have some limitation in my internship period. It is obvious that in reality every working field has some limitations.

I have sort out some limitation during my internship:

1.      Duration of Internship: This was the one of vital limitation that I have observer in my internship. From the standpoint of the rules regarding internship that will be of four months long. But in reality I do not get that. It is miserable for me that I have got only three months.

2.      Limitations of Money: I have suffered a lot of with money. It was beyond measure. Still I am a student and when I was working with my assignment I have felt this problem very enormously. For this assignment I have spent some money if it will provide by the house then it will encourage me a lot.
3.      Limitation of Help: Mr. Pallab Muhaimen is a very busy person. He help me a lot, but some time I will suffer for shortage his time. Most of the staff’s around me of Prothom Alo were busy with self business and hardly I got any support and help from them. As a new comer in this environment their cooperation was very much necessary for me.

4.      Lack of Guidance:  In my internship period some times I have felt the lack of guidance. I have not guided by any regulation of the house which was felt us to overwhelming. I think we should guided by the regulation of the office and it will aware us to do the job in time.
5.      Lack of Information: Another limitation of this report is Media policy of -not disclosing some data and information for obvious reasons, which could be very much useful.