Assignment on Promotion and Advertising of Nescafe in Australia


Australia’s diverse culture and lifestyle reflect its liberal democratic traditions and value. As Australia consist of multicultural people, so it is difficult to attract customers in Australia. There are various promotional program in IMC frame work from those various program advertising program has the greatest influence on consumers buying behavior. So, by advertising we will try to attract the customer of Australia.


“All the people are equal but not all the coffee…….
Try something different in your taste…. Try Nescafe”

The above message we choose for the Australian customers because different culture people live here, they all have the freedom to express their tradition and culture independently. They have no class differences and they think all people are equal. As Australia is an egalitarian society, so in our message we focus on that equality of people and with this concept we promote Nescafe in advertising.


Through TV and print ads we want to spread our message on Nescafe. Our strategy in this promotional plan is to attract our target customer’s attention. As the unemployment rate in Australia is relatively low and Australians love sports both playing and watching. So in Australia our target customers are executives and sports lovers (both spectators and participants). As these types of people generally watch news, sports and reading news paper or magazines, so we make our ads for our target market on the basis of that. So we think TV and print ads are suitable for Nescafe in Australia.

Media: TV media and print media.

Media Vehicle:

TV channels: Ten sports & ESPN channels from 1.30-2.30 pm and 8.00-11.00 pm.

News papers: In 1st page, sports related page and business related pages.

Magazines: Financial magazines, sports magazines.

Direct Marketing


Direct marketing is a valuable took in the integrated communication program. Through direct marketing variety of activity are done, such as test drives, votes, call on a toll-free number and form that requests mailing information etc. By direct marketing we try to generate an immediate behavioral response into our target customers.


“Be fair with your income
Be fair with your taste
So, always think about Nescafe”

We choose this message for direct marketing promotion. Australian people are the hardest-working people in the developed world with the longest hours. So as they work hard, their income has a valuable to them. And when they spend money to buy anything they need to think are they wasting money or they are fair with their income.

So, through this message we try to hit this point of view of Australian customers.


As our target customers are the executives (both part time & full time) and sports lovers (both spectator & participants), we know these people are usually use internet. So we use direct mail and direct print media.

Media Vehicle:

Direct Mail:

We send mail to all the hotmail, gmail, ymail users.

Direct print media

We print only on the first page of newspaper and magazine.


In direct mail we place our message first and then place some information such as- Don’t miss the opportunity of being fair to the income and what you spend. “Do you taste Nescafe ever? If you don’t then please taste it today. And tell us, Is Nescafe fair with your income and taste? If you thin Nescafe is unfair then suggest us how it could be fair.” Whatever you think about the Nescafe (it is fair or unfair) please write your comment or suggestion in the following box. In direct print media we also use the same thing as above. But for the comment or suggestion customer can call immediately in a toll free number or can visit in Nescafe web site. In this mail we also provide Nescafe catalogs, history and other information about Nescafe.
Internet & Interactive Marketing


By using internet and interactive marketing we try to reach those customers who use online. And as we know Australia is a developed country so it is general that most of the people use internet or work on online. So we hope we will be successful to attract many customers through this IMC program.


Use the same message of direct marketing.


We use Banner ads, pop-ups and pop-under etc. to attract the customer when they work on online.

We give an ad of Nescafe then we ask the customer “What is the lacking you find in this ad?” send your suggestion to improve this ad. Those who sent more creative and good ideas are awarded with some exclusive gifts. For sending the suggestion whether customers can sms on our number the cell-number is given or they can visit in our web site. Ideas and suggestions are acceptable only for this specific ad.

Sales Promotion


Our objective for sales promotion is to make a direct inducement that offers an extra value or incentive for the Nescafe.


“Be free with a cup of Nescafe”.

We provide this message in our sales promotion as it is some how related in our promotional strategy.


In our ad we mention that be free yourself from the bindings of regular work and participate “Nescafe Contest”. Those who buy Nescafe medium size bottle get a coupon number. And according to this number they get the opportunity to participate in the contest. It is a song contest. The contest is free from any discrimination; the people of any age, culture or class are welcome. The winner of the contest gets a chance to sing for the Nescafe ad and also get $10,000 as an award.

Public Relation/Publicity


Our objective is to make the Australian people aware about the new type product of Nescafe. Make an excitement into the consumers mind for buying Nescafe.


“Make a bond or closeness with any cultures with a sip of Nescafe.”

We provide this message in our PR. By this message we try to focus on the different culture of Australia and with this also try to promote Nescafe. Australia is a unique blend of established traditions and new influences. Most of the people in Australia are migrants and they have a great influence on every aspects of Australian life. For this reasons we base our PR strategy on the bond of different cultural people of Australia.

Strategy: As Nestle is a renowned brand, so it is easy for Nescafe to make good image on customers mind. We arrange many seminars, press releases and trade shows for PR or publicity where we announce our new product.