Assignment on Problems of Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products

The study reveals that the following marketing problems that are now hampering the efficient marketing programs of GACO pharmaceuticals:

  1. Some product packaging is not so attractive to the customer.
  2. Cost of production of Pharmaceutical products gradually increasing due to global price hike.
  3. New customer is not getting appropriate attention due to inadequate number of sales force.
  4. Product unavailability due to insufficient delivery system.
  5. Product unavailability due to short supply of raw materials.
  6. Marketing knowledge of field force is low due to inadequate training.
  7. Lack of Internee doctor coverage due to low attention about them.
  8. Customer service is not up to the mark due to lack of customer service department.
  9. Lack of proper market survey report due to lack of adequate manpower in market survey department.
  10. Poor marketing strategy due to lack of sufficient manpower in product management department.
  11. The company could not able to anticipant the competition that’s why they are losing their pioneership in pharmaceuticals sectors.