Assignment on Marketing Strategy

Assignment on Marketing Strategy


Insupen-25 is human recombinant insulin. It contains 25% regular plus  75% isophan insulin  It is indicated to control blood glucose level in diabetic patients.

Marketing Strategy

Most of the resources of Insupen-25 will be deployed around large use area i.e. in Diabetic hospitals and Medicine department of all medical college hospitals.


 Insupen-25 is efficacious insulin for smooth glycemic control for  Diabetic patients.

Proposition: why this drug- what is its superiority


Insupen-25  has following distinct features and benefits, which make it completely different and preferred choice of agent by diabetologists than other available products:

A)            Recombinant human insulin identical to the insulin secreted by human pancreas.

B)        Produced by recombinant DNA technology using the K12 strains of E coli.

C)        Proper dose adjustment of insulin.

D)        Proper cool chain maintenance –“Envirotrainer” (maintaining temperature at 2-8 °C) for

insulin supply.

Key Promotional Activities

Promotional activities will be concentrated around almost all targeted doctors, specifically Diabetologists around the country, and General Physician Practicing diabetic patients.

Most Significant Tactical Action

  • Diabetologists and GPs should be explained about the efficacy and benefits of  Insupen-25 which can ensure the best  glycemic control of diabetes mellitus.

Profit and Loss Account

Gross margin is 64% of Net Sales. Net product contribution is 2% in the first year and 12% in the 2nd year. Net Product Contribution gradually increases to 58% in the 5th year (i.e. 2010).



Insupen-25 contains 25 % regular insulin plus 75 % isophan insulin.



 In patients with type 2 diabetes when oral therapy has failed. When change over from other insulin preparation is necessary because of, for example: (a) allergic reaction, (b) high insulin requirements in patients receiving semi synthetic insulin, (c) disturbance of fat metabolism which can be caused by animal insulin.

Drugs which increase the action of insulin

ACE inhibitors, Acetylsalicylates, Amphetamines, Anabolic steroids, Male sex hormone, MAO inhibitors, OAD, Sulphonamide, Tatracycline.

Drugs which decreases the action of insulin

ACTH, Adrenaline, Corticosteroids, Diuretics, Glucagon, Heparin, Laxatives, Oestrogen, Progesteron, Salbutamol, Sympathomymetric agents, Thyroid hormones.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.


Overdose can produce hypoglycaemia. Mild hypoglycaemia symptoms with out loss of consciousness or neurological findings should be treated aggressively with oral glucose and adjustment in drug dosage and/or meal pattern


The dosage of Insupen-25 should initially be determined by the doctor. There is no fixed rules for insulin dosage, adjustment in dosage is needed to achieve and maintain desired blood glucose level. The average insulin requirement is between 0.5 to 1 IU per kg body weight per day.


Insupen-25 contains 100 IU per ml of suspension in cartridge.

ii)Curreent market situation

Quantitative market data

Overall market situation (IMS, QTR-2, 2005)

A. Total insulin  market in Bangladesh was  Tk 312,835KBDT in the year 2005 with a growth rate of


  1. Total Combination Insulin market is: 214,125 KBDT with growth market share of 68.40% and growth rate of 38%.

Background of the market

–            Insulin market is rapidly expanding in Bangladesh.

–           People are increasingly health conscious and awareness of diabetes mellitus among citizens are

significantly increasing.

–          Physicians are becoming more dependent on premixed insulin.

Competitive environment

Table 1 Market share of various combination types of insulin:

ProductHuman Insulin -Combination
CompanySalesMarket ShareGrowth Rate
Mixtard HM100 & 40 IU 10 ml S/C VialNovo-Nordisk    77,00136.0%63%
Mixtard 50HM100 IU 10 ml S/C VialNovo-Nordisk    40,06818.7%3%
Mixtard 30HM100 IU 10 ml S/C VialNovo-Nordisk    33,58815.7%145%
Mixtard 50HM Penfil100 IU 3 ml S/C VialNovo-Nordisk    21,0819.8%15%
Mixtard 30HM Penfil100 IU 3 ml S/C VialNovo-Nordisk    17,9578.4%58%
Humulin 70/30100 & 40 IU 10 ml S/C VialLily    17,8148%-28%
Mixtard 30 Novolet100 IU 3 ml penfilNovo-Nordisk     4,2972.00%303%
Insuman Comb100 IU 5 ml IM VialSan-Aventis     2,3181.10%484%

Premixed insulin market is rapidly expanding. We can also observe from the above table that the growth of premixed insulin in pen form is increasing. Therefore, from 2006 the market is likely to grow faster than its normal trend.Table 2 :Pricing position of currently available 2 major brands and Insupen-25:

BrandGenericDosage Form & Pack SizeMRP/Pack(Tk)TP/Pack (Tk)


Human insulin300 IU / 3 ml,1 box contains 5 cartridges.14201630

Mixtard 30 Novolet

Human insulin300 IU / 3 ml,430520

Mixtard 30HM Penfil

Human insulin300 IU / 3 ml,1 box contains 5 cartridges.14201627


Opportunities –         Premixed insulin market is rapidly exploring.–         Both physicians and patients prefer premixed insulin in pen form.–         Diabetes Market in Bangladesh is in growing phase.
Threat–         Competitors are well established in insulin business in Bangladesh.–         Profound Promotional activities by major competitors.








Strengths –         High Product quality perceived and experienced by both doctors and patients.–         Established strong relationship with Diabetologists.–         Specialized dedicated marketing and sales executives.
      Weaknesses–         Relatively less experience in insulin business.–         Lack of brand image in the market





 General statement

To establish Insupen-25 as an agent of choice to control glucose level  in diabetic  patients.

 Sales forecast, growth and market share

Table 3 :Five year sales forecast of Insupen 25 for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 are given below:

BrandYear-1: 2006Year-2: 2007Year-3: 2008Year-4: 2009Year-5: 2010
Total MarketTotal MarketTotal MarketTotal MarketTotal Market
 ValMS %G%ValMS %G%ValMS %G%ValMS %G%ValMS %G%

Fig: Kilo BDT

* G = Growth Rate

MS = Market share

Key issues

  • Institutional sales, more specifically purchase by Diabetic association of Bangladesh will greatly influence in attaining the desired sales forecast.
  • Negotiation with purchasing committee of other institutions will also affect the achievement of the forecasted sales.

Key assumptions

  • Quality of products of sanofi aventis is highly appreciated by physicians for years.
  • Current insulin products have already laid the foundation for the launch of Insupen-25
  • Less time will be required in raising the Brand Image of the Insupen-25.

 v) Marketing  STRATEGY

Target Customer

Doctors of following categories will be our customers for Insupen-25.

  • Diabetologists
  • General Practitioners.

Total 400 doctors are planned to be covered, of which 30 are opinion leaders, 70 high prescribers and 300 followers.

Table 3 : Target Customers/Sales Force Allocation Overview

Target customerTotal numberOpinion leadersHigh prescribersFollowersTotal coverage (%)
General Practitioners.3002050230100%
Total calls per year per rep60X4=240140×4=560300×2=600


1 Sales executive equivalent:   4 calls per day X 24 days  = 96 calls per month
Total number of calls on Insupen-25=  1400 calls per month
Rep equivalents needed:1400/96 = 15 Sales Executives



Insupen-25 is efficacious insulin for smooth glycemic control of Diabetic patients.                

Packaging/ Dosage Forms

Following strength will be  launched in Bangladesh:

  • Insupen-25 will be launched in Pen form. Each cartridge  containing 3 ml of human recombinant insulin( 100 IU/ml).


Insupen-25  is an imported product, therefore price is given by Directorate of Drug Administration and licensing Authority with definite mark up basis which is dependent on duty structure. Pricing calculation is done based on no duty, but 15% VAT. So, 180.88% mark up should be calculated on C&F price to derive MR, that will give 12.5% commission to retail chemists on trade price.

Discount policy

No provision for general discount. However a 3% discount may be offered in order to secure bulk orders.

Institutional retail / Purchasing group

Price is the key issue for institutional purchase. Indispensable support of opinion leaders can only be the tool for institutional business.

So Insupen-25 is planned to be included in the purchase list of the institutions by brand name after massive lobbing to the opinion leaders.


Insupen-25 will solely distributed by in-house distribution system. Since insulin is temperature sensitive molecule proper cool chain will be strictly maintained. In addition to this, we will do business with only those chemists who have their own refrigerator facilities.

Promotional  Strategy  and  Platform

Promotional objectives and method

1. Develop awareness of benefits of using insupen-25 among physicians and patients.

  • Demonstration program in will be conducted in major diabetic hospitals.
  • Demonstration program will also conducted in various scientific seminars.

2. Develop relationships with key prescribers & institutional purchase decision makers.

  • Sponsorship and training program will be arranged for physicians.
  • Scientific tools and apparatus will be donated to hospitals.

3.  Increase the Brand image.

  • Diabetes awareness program will be arranged followed by free diabetes test.
  • Social club will be formed to increase the interaction among the patients.

4. Focus and limit our promotion in diabetic hospital through a hospital team: commitment, willingness to succeed

  • All prescribers and prospective prescribers of the target doctors of Insupen-25 will be covered in 2006 with the objective of increasing awareness and usage of Insupen-25 by highlighting its superiority over other hypoglycemic agents available in the market.
  • Opinion leaders will be visited five  times a month to establish the brand as first choice of hypoglycaemic agent routinely in all patients with blood glucose  problems. High Prescribers will be visited at least five  times also in a month and the followers will be visited twice in a month. They will be reminded about the better efficacy, tolerability, and compliance of Insupen-25  over competitive products.
  • Attractive folders, detail aids, booklets, product monograph, video cassettes on mechanism of action and product reminders with creative ideas to highlight benefits of Insupen-25 will be used. For these materials, good retention value and focus on product name and logo will be specifically considered.

Media strategy

Detailing, with more than 50% weightage of promotion for Insupen-25 is planned for 2006. Weightage on doctors meetings will be 30%, and on journal service, product monographs, etc it is 20%.


Promo Budget for Insupen-25 for 2006 is Tk 3200 K of which Tk 1500 K is for doctors’ meeting and symposia, and Tk. 400 K is for advertising. Rests are for detail aids and product reminders(Table :5).

Sales Force

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team to promote. This team with additional 3 members this year and 4 members next year is enough to reach Insupen-25 in target customers

Product position in detailing

In detailing, Insupen-25 will be discussed with 1st Priority & 2nd priority – in all cycles round the year, since it will be promoted by a dedicated team.

Sales Training

A 7-day special training programme will be organized on Insupen-25. In order to make the programme an effective one, we need a trainer from Germany, if possible. One of the resource person should receive train the trainers course from Germany.

Other resource personnel would be: Training Manager, Medical Affair Executive, Business Unit Manager, guest speakers from BIRDEM, BSMMU etc.

Contents of these programs would include Anatomy, Physiology, Diagnostic tests, product profile, competitive advantage, Clinical efficacy, Competitors etc.,

A refreshers course, follow-up training would be conducted after one month of the induction training to measure the knowledge level and reinforce their activity.

Medical advertising

  • Insupen-25 will be advertised in annual endocrinology conference organized by diabetic association of Bangladesh.
  • Sanofi-aventis symposium will also be organized.

Product Publicity

For 2006, two ‘branded gifts’ are planned: Digital Blood Pressure machine and Purse. These are the gifts, which will have good retention value for the doctors. Product name and logo will be clearly imprinted on these gifts to ensure continuous reminder to the doctors.

Doctors meeting on Insupen-25 will be arranged in all Diabetic  Hospitals. We are planning to organize at least 24 meetings in 2006. Number of participating doctors in each meeting is about 30. Budget per meeting is about Tk. 15000.

Table 4 :Tactical Plan Overview: 2006
Training Materials:a)       Training Manuals for sales force: with trainers guide, OHPs, slides, video, etc.b)       Product Monographsc)       Posters, Display materialsd)       Reprints: Original Get ReadyGet ReadyGet ReadyGet Ready  Implement Feed Back&Implement Feed Back&Implement

 Market   Research   Plan

A small scale market survey will be done to prepare the market map and to calculate future market potential segment wise.


Table 5: Profit and Loss Account

Gross Product Sales (K Tk)5910122332813754360107167
Discount & allowance 2%11824556310872143
Net Sales5,79211,98927,57453,273105,024
Cost of Goods Sold (K Tk)2068428298481902637509
Gross Margin3,7237,70717,72634,24767,515
Gross Margin (% of net sales)6464646464
Direct A&P2,4005,0004,5004,0003,500
Direct Marketing80080090010001000
Direct local R&D (RECORD Trial)00000
Total Direct Exp.(K Tk.)3,2005,8005,4005,0004,500
Total Direct Exp. (% of net sales)55482094
Gross Direct Product Contribution5231,90712,32629,24763,015
GDPC (% of net sales)916445459
Sales Force Allocation (SFA)400400450500550
Net Product Contribution (after SFA)1231,50711,87628,74762,465
Net Product Contribution(% of net sales)212425358


Insupen-25 is recombinant insulin identical to the insulin secreted by human pancreas. It has the ability to control blood glucose level of diabetic patients for 12-19 hours.
Create regional and/or national committee of experts to build core users and make Insupen-25 a successful product in Bangladesh. RecommendationUtilize large portion of resources on key opinion leaders because fate of the product will mainly depend on their acceptance.