Didomi Raises $40 million to Help you Manage Customer Consent

Didomi Raises $40 million to Help you Manage Customer Consent

French startup Didomi Elephant and Brigger have raised $40 million in Series B funding. The company manages consent flows for web publishers and application developers. Didomy is already doing well in Europe with billions of consensual interactions a month – it plans to expand to the United States with today’s funding round. Co-founder and CEO Romain Gauthier said in a statement, “Javad, Rafal, and I co-founded Didomy to make privacy easier for everyone and to make a clear choice for companies. This fundraising is a major milestone in our journey to deliver on this mission.”

“We look forward to helping brands and publishers make customer travel more transparent and credible through an enjoyable consent and experience handling preferences,” he added. In recent years, many regulators have implemented new privacy-centric frameworks. You can think of the GDP of Europe for example. And if you live in a country that is affected by these changes, you are now well aware that whenever you visit a new website or open an app for the first time, you will receive a consent popup or banner.

I wouldn’t say that these popups are “enjoyable” because the best compliant popups are those that don’t exist because the site you visited doesn’t collect and share personal data. However, this is not always possible and there are various reasons why you may need to collect data including this current site In that case products like Didomi can be really helpful. It’s very important to take this consent flow seriously because you don’t want to make noise and penalize implementation.

Didomi is a developer-centric compliance platform that works across different devices. You can configure your consent flow for a desktop website, a mobile website, a mobile application, or a connected TV. The unified solution means you don’t have to ask permission again and again. Dedomy can store and integrate preferences between devices. Everything is monitored if the regulators want to see how you are gathering consent.

With today’s round of funding, the company wants to make its product friendlier with the more developing open APIs and open source SDKs. This does not mean that Didomi is for everyone, as the company focuses exclusively on premium clients. Clients include Rakuten, Orange, Giffy and Weight Watchers International.