Assignment on Jamuna Group of Industries

Assignment on Jamuna Group of Industries


We collect information about marketing management philosophy on Jamuna Group of Industries. The company first establish in 1979. It is a public ltd company. The organization is a Jamuna Group of Industries.

Kinds of Products That They Produce:

The company produced electronics products. Four type of product the company produced. Such as Jamuna fan, royal fan, Jamuna P.V.C pipe,  Jamuna welding electrode.

Survey consumer demand:

 Yes, the company survey their consumer demand because we try to know consumer want and need. How their want and need. We produce product for sale, but we don’t know about consumer demand, it is not a proper system. For this reason we must need consumer demand survey. First produce some product for trial we knocking door to door show our product. We give advise about product quality features brand etc.

Survey result:

Our survey result is well. We get positive opinion by consumer. For this reason we start produce our product.

Target of selling:

First we search our dealer for sell and select the best dealer. We sell our product by our selective dealer. Every month we sell product about 2500000  taka.

Advertising procedure:

Advertising is very important method of introducing new product. Our advertising procedure is not widely used. Mainly we advertised about our product by magazine, paper, wall writing, lighting etc. It is seasonal product. When our seasonal time, we advertised on radio and satellite channels.

Collect row materials:

We collect our essential row materials from India. Sometime we collect row materials from Nayabpur in Dhaka. We collect best quality row materials for produce better quality product.

Buy parts from other company:

Yes, because we can’t make our every essential parts. Some parts buy from other company. Such as, copper cable bearing and color etc.

Survey consumer satisfaction:

Our targeting consumer consumes our product. Then survey consumer satisfaction. By using our product consumer fulfill their want and need, but some consumer give suggestion for developing our product.

Product development:

We want to fulfill consumer want and need. We collect information from consumer. How to develop our product? First we consider the consumer opinion. After that we take our next step. Product developing means developed by product quality, feature, brands and action.

Fulfill the demand:

After surveying consumer demand, we try to fulfill the consumer demand.

Consumer target:

It is the process of consumer market attractiveness and selecting one or more consumer.


First we set our goal is 80% but our market position is 50%. So our achievement can’t proper satisfaction.

Concept of marketing management philosophy:

Marketing management means carrying out tasks to build profitable relationship with target consumers. On the other hand, philosophy means a set of beliefs or an attitude to life that is a guiding principal for behavior.

There are six alternative concept under marketing management philosophy, which are given below:

  1. The production concept
  2. The product concept
  3. The selling concept
  4. The marketing concept
  5. The societal marketing concept
  6. The customer concept

Company follows production concept:

The production concept:

The production concept holds that consumer will favor products that are available  and highly affordable. Therefore management should focus on improving production and distribution efficiently. This concept is oldest orientations that guide sellers.

But still use it in that guide sellers.

  1. when the demand for a product exceeds the supply and
  2. when the products cost is too high.

Marketing manager believe that “more product more sale”. They don’t care of market positioning. They sent their product of their selective dealer. Buyers purchase their needed items from dealer. The company increase their production and increase their sale. They don’t care consumer demand and satisfaction. They make available market.

Our opinion:

We believe that consumer will get satisfaction increase in demand of product that means marketing concept. A company makes money by satisfying customer needs better its competitors. Under marketing concept consumer focus and value is the path to sale and profits.

Number of employee:

About 500 workers work this company.350 workers are permanent works and rest are temporary.

Worker satisfied:

Our workers have some advantage. Such as bonus house rent, medical facilities, travel and transport facilities. Every year they have earned leave about 15 days and some special satisfied they have got.