Human Resource Management

Assignment on Human resource Practices of Grameen Phone

Assignment on Human resource Practices of Grameen Phone

Human Resources (HR) Department, an important of Administration Division plays very vital role in the total functioning of GP. The traditional management functions – Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling – all these are conducted by HR division. The informal structure of HR according to its functions can be classified into three main categories they are:

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Human Resource management Information system (HR- MIS)

HR Management functions of GP:

Manpower planning is an important function of HR management section. Two major

activities in this function are:

  • Planning and forecasting the organizations short term and long term human resource requirements.
  • Analyzing the jobs in the organization and determining skills and abilities that are needed.

Manpower planning is a lengthy process involving several steps; it starts from need assessment and ends with recruitment.

At first, all the departments after employee need analysis send their requirement to HRD through their respective divisions. After obtaining necessary approval from the management, HRD sets target, and prepare recruitment planning. According to job specification HR goes for recruitment.

Recruitment process is as follows-

  • Give advertisement in the daily newspapers
  • Receive applications and file them,
  • Shortlist of the applicants
  • Fix date and time of a preliminary interview
  • Contact with the applicants and inform them about the interview over telephone or letter
  • Fix further date and time for final interview if it. is required and inform the interviewee accordingly
  • To interview applicants Grameen phone follows both traditional and modern approach. They do job related questions and measure mental ability of applicants as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial relations through aptitude test.
  • To prepare appointment letter for the finally selected interviewee
  • Give appointment to the person with a detail job description.


Immediately after the recruitment separate employee file is opened comprising all the relevant information of the particular employee.    This personal file is prepared, maintained and updated by HRD. In fact one of the main responsibilities of HRD is updating of all the personal file of the employee.


Performance appraisal function of HR management of GP:

Performance appraisal is another main function of HR Management.  Performance appraisal is any personnel decision that influences the status of the employee regarding his confirmation, increment, promotion, and transfer.

GP performance appraisal takes place in two stages-

  • On completion of probation
  • On completion of one year of service.

Performance of an employee takes place by following some steps-

a) Job analysis

b) Set up performance standard and

c) Appraisal interview.

Leave management

Leave management is an important function. HR has opened a leave management database to obtain current leave status of all the employees of Grameen Phone. It provides employees about their leave status when it is necessary.


HR Management also deals with some personnel functions like show cause, termination, Dismissal, discharge, and resignation. It also issues circular as & when required, conduct department inquiry, and all other functions related to HR.


Human resource development of GP:

Until 1999 GP has not any Training and development program. But after facing difficulties and uncertainties and for continuous improvement in performance GP introduced training and development program in 2000 under human resource development.


An organization’s performance and resulting productivity are directly proportional to the quantity and quality of its human resources. While employee performance must be evaluated in economic terms of efficiency and effectiveness, it can be best achieved through recognizing and enhancing the human dignity of each employee. The quality of the human resources can be effectively increased through education, training, and personal development.

Human Resources Development functions aim to increase the quality of the human resources especially through training.

GP training involves the following steps-

  • Assessing training needs
  • Selection of the participants
  • Conduct training programs.

Different training programs of GP

GP Provides both local and overseas training on the basis of the need analysis.

Local training:

Local training can be both-Inside GP and Outside GP.

Induction/Orientation training Program falls under inside GP training category. After joining, it is the responsibility of the HR to conduct induction/orientation training to the newly recruited personnel to provide a general introduction of the company. To prepare training plan, participant’s list, and training schedule for induction training – HR department does all.

Inside GP training will cover Management training.  It will cover Department training in near future.

Out side GP training means to take part in training programs offered by different training institutions/universities on different subjects.


Overseas training

After need assessment employees who need overseas training are sent abroad for overseas training. Expenses of overseas training are generally borne by GP. The particular employee who has been selected for training has to sign a surety bond for specific period of time for overseas training.

Besides the above mentioned works, some routine functions of HRD are-

  • Prepare, maintain and update training related database.
  • Prepare career development plan
  • Prepare induction training manual/modules
  • Evaluate training program
  • Make agreement between GP & employees for overseas training
  • To communicate with different local training institutions
  • To communicate with trainers/instructors.

Management information system:

Through the management information system Grameen phone provide information to the respective employees to asses adequately how the company is doing and ensure that necessary raw data is gathered and processed into usable information and also ensure that appropriate individuals receive the information at the proper time so that it can be used.

HR-MIS Functions involve-

  • To maintain & update employee database
  • Maintain employee related different statistics
  • Any other works which requires updating employee data.

Though job has been classified and assigned according to the nature of the functions of HR Department, the job is accomplished and the responsibility is carried out co- operatively.

HRD plays a very crucial role in the functioning of GP. This is a very flexible and open department, as it always has to gather and store current and exact data and information regarding the employee and the organization.