Application for a Week’s Leave from School

Application for a Week’s Leave from School

Application for a week’s leave from School

Date: 00/00/00
The Principal,
(the name of school),

Subject: Application for a week’s leave

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Mosr respectfully I beg to ley before you the following facts for favore of your kind consideration and necessary action. My son (his name), studying in class (class) of your school,  has fall in sick due to which he may not be able to attend the school. I hereby apply for 6 days’ leave for my son. I request you to pardon him for the leave of a week from date (xx/xx/xx to dd/mm/yy).

Requesting you to accept this application, I assure you that he will catch up with all the work that he missed during his absence.

Yours faithfully,
(Address and signature)