A Discovery Week program in your School

A Discovery Week program in your School

A Discovery Week program in your School

[Suppose you are the Secretary of the Science Society in your school. The school club organized a “Discovery Week” activity last week. As Secretary, write a report on this activity. This ‘Discovery Week’ activities are based on the Pulau Redang area.]

For Discovery Week by Science Society this year, 100 students and 5 teachers went to Pulau Redang. The activities included fishing, snorkeling, diving, playing rugby and volleyball, badminton on the beach and just sitting back and relaxing to the sound of the waves. (Describe in your words).

We arrived at the resort at noon. After lunch, we were sent to our designated chalets. We had a quick bath and gathered outside for a lesson on how to make the rods for line fishing. A good many of us learned that the secret to catching something is the quality of bait. The squids we were given proved particularly effective.

Fishing is a tough job. There were a ridiculous number of knots to be tied and it was all so complicated. We could smell the salty odor of the waves as the restless tide continuously pounded on our ankles. Slowly but surely, we made our way to the waterfront and swung our rods out to the sea. The calm weather was very welcoming as we patiently stood, waiting! The first one came after a long wait. We all dropped our rods into the water. While waiting, we also learned that patience really is a virtue, especially when it comes to fishing.

The fishing activity and relaxation time among teachers and friends were much appreciated by all, especially after finishing our final exams. The variety of activities provided ensured that we were never bored. Each one of us tried different activities and we made many new friends from different year groups. We were lucky to see some beautiful coral and some amazing marine life.

As we say goodbye to the island resort, we would also like to say goodbye to some friends at the end of another academic year. Thanks also to the teachers for helping us have such a fun Discovery Week. Without a doubt, going to Pulau Redang was a worthwhile trip. It was full of fun, adventure, and self-discovery.


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