Annual Report 2012-2013 of Axis Bank

Annual Report 2012-2013 of Axis Bank

It is a broadly described annual report of Axis Bank in the year of 2012-2013. During the financial year, The Bank’s total income increased by 23.05% to reach Rs. 33,733.68 Crores, compared to Rs. 27,414.86 Crores last year. Operating revenue during this period increased by 20.68% to Rs. 16,217.37 Crores while operating profit increased by 25.20% to Rs. 9,303.13 Crores. The Bank earned a net profit of Rs. 5,179.43 Crores for the year ended 31st March 2013, registering a growth of 22.09% over the net profit of Rs. 4,242.21 Crores last year. Basic Earnings per Share (EPS) was Rs. 119.67 compared to Rs. 102.94 last year, while the Diluted Earnings per Share was Rs. 118.85 compared to Rs. 102.20 last year. Return on Equity (RoE) was 20.51% compared to 21.22% last year and Book Value per Share increased from Rs. 551.99 to Rs. 707.50. The paid-up capital of the Bank rose to Rs. 467.95 Crores, as compared to Rs. 413.20 Crores last year.

The Board of Directors of the bank has recommended a higher dividend of Rs. 18.00 per equity share, compared to Rs. 16.00 per equity share declared last year.

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