Annual Report 2009-2010 of Ramco Cements Limited

Annual Report 2009-2010 of Ramco Cements Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Ramco Cements Limited (Previously known as Madras Cements Limited) in the year of 2009-2010. An amount of Rs. 81.55 Crores towards Current Tax (MAT), Rs. 95.21 Crores towards Deferred Tax and Rs. 8.06 Crores towards Dividend Tax has been provided for the year under review. During the financial year, Total assets of the Company stood at Rs. 1093471.49 Crore. The company’s total revenue for the year, net of Central Excise and Sales Tax had increased to Rs. 2,821 Crores as against Rs. 2,471 Crores of the previous year; this represents a growth of 14%. The operating profit before interest, depreciation, and tax was higher at Rs. 877.29 Crores as against Rs. 793.50 Crores of the previous year, showing an 11% increase. The Company posted Profit before Tax for the year Rs. 53044 Crore (previous year Rs. 54542 Crore). The Company’s Profit after Tax (PAT) for the current financial year rose to Rs. 35368 Crore from Rs. 36352 Crore in the previous year. The paid-up capital of the Company is Rs. 23,79,69,380/- consisting of 23,79,69,380 shares of Rs. 1/- each.

The Board of Directors of the Company has recommended a final dividend of Rs. 0.50 per share (PY: Rs. 1.00 per share) on the equity capital of the Company. During the year, the total dividend for the year is Rs. 2.00 per share as against Rs. 2.00 per share for the previous year.

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