Acknowledgement Letter Format for Machinery Donation

Acknowledgement Letter Format for Machinery Donation

Acknowledgement Letter Format for Machinery Donation

The HR Manager,

(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Acknowledgment Letter for Machinery Donation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of (Institute/Organization Name). The first brick for this institute was kept by (Person Name) as time passed by; a lot of drops of water came together and formed a mighty ocean. The contribution of noble and wise people stands in front of them. No one can deny this fact. As this is a non-profit institution/organization, we try very hard to make our both ends meet.

We dedicated our selfless services to the special children. Sir/Madam, we as a welfare society and non-profit institution/organization open heatedly welcome donation, machinery, accessories for our institution/organization. We will surely acknowledging your donation for our institution/organization on every form. Sir/Madam, for you it might be a small donation but for us it means a lot. These children have the right to prosper and excel in education. We from the very start have been trying to deliver the best to our special children.


(Designation/Position Name)

(Institution/Organization Name)