A Visit to the Market

A Visit to the Market

A Visit to the Market

A market place is a place spread out in a specific area, where a variety of goods of daily requirements are available for purchase by customers. I accompanied my mother to the central market to buy some groceries that she needed for the coming New Year. The marketplace is always crowded. The shops are mostly small in size.

When we arrived at the market we could not find a place to park the car. So we waited patiently for about ten minutes before someone vacated a parking space and we moved in. This happens mostly when the vendors do not allow the customers to choose the vegetables displayed and insist on buying which they carelessly put and weigh.

Coming to the market just before a festive season was not a pleasant experience. The whole town seemed to be there. Everyone had things to buy. So the prices of things shot up. Worst of all, we had to struggle to get these things. All the shopkeepers had decorated their shops beautifully to welcome the customers. Some shops sell fruits and dairy products, some sell groceries, some sell fish, some sell utensils, some sell gift items and stationery.

So we made our way carefully through the various sections buying vegetables, meat, fish, noodles, spices, and other foodstuffs. We had wanted to buy some prawns too but they were all sold out, despite their sky-high price. We made our way carefully through various sections buying lights, diyas, decorative items, rangoli, flowers, etc. The small traders of the village carried on their thriving business there. It was really a nice place to visit.

The bags got heavier and heavier. The crowd got thicker and thicker. The noise and heat were overwhelming. As we had nearly done all the shopping, I told my mother that I would wait for her in the car. I could not stand being among hundreds of aggressive shoppers anymore. This part of the market was not even visible from the main road but, it appeared to be an important business center having brisk sales. I lugged the bags wearily to the car and breathed a sigh of relief when I reached it. The air smelled sweet and cool. I was glad to be outside.

These markets have made our lives very easy as all day-to-day items are available at a comfortable distance. The shopkeepers are honest and sell quality products at reasonable prices.