A Report On The Erosion Of The Padma: Cause Of Endless Miseries

A Report On The Erosion Of The Padma: Cause Of Endless Miseries

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Thousands of people have become homeless in, (Village name)……, (Village name)…….. and (Village name)…….. under (District Name)……. district by the recent erosion of the river Padma. A vast area of cultivable land, many houses, educational institutions, mosques and temples in these areas have also been washed away within a few hours.

Natural disasters are common in Bangladesh. Almost every year Bangladesh is affected by various natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, tidal bores, excessive rainfall, etc. Of all these, erosion is a common disaster in our country. In recent years erosion by the river Padma continued throughout the year. But, this year during the monsoons, it takes in its worst. The people of the villages under (Name of Thana/Upazila)………. thanas are the worst affected. Many families living near river banks have become homeless, lost their cultivable land. They have shifted to places where they do not feel secure. Three educational institutions: a primary school, a madrasha, and a high school, two mosques, a very ancient temple have been washed away by the eroding river within 48 hours. The affected people are now in extreme misery. Most of them are day laborers. So they need immediate help. The children are the most sufferers. They have lost their dear houses and schools.

In a word, the miseries of the people affected beggar description. An old man aged 80 has expressed his grave concern and said, “Every year we are affected by the erosion of the Padma but this year it has taken a devastating turn.” “If the local government body takes steps in removing our miseries,” he regrets, “I wish we could live happily.”