A Grumpy Person

A Grumpy Person

A Grumpy Person –

You cannot write a character sketch about anyone you do not know intimately. Some people may not realize that they are feeling angry. My granduncle is the grouchiest person I have ever met. I have never seen him in a happy mood or heard him speak in a gentle voice. It is always a scowling face and a harsh grating voice. I usually keep my distance with him and avoid contact as much as possible, although sometimes it is not possible. However, when people build up their anger it usually seems to hurt their relationship with the other person.

He is my grandmother’s younger brother on my mother’s side. My mother used to tell me that he has had a hard life. He became the breadwinner of the family when he was in his teens after his father died. He worked all his life in the construction business as a bricklayer and mason. It was probably through his hard toils and labor that he developed his very grouchy personality. He is in his sixties now but still goes out to work wherever he finds it.

He is not tall but his limbs are exceptionally long and his hands and feet are exceptionally large. I suppose it is this combination that gives him exceptional strength for I have seen him carry two bags of cement, one in each hand, with apparent ease. A normal man would be struggling with just one bag. Often his workers would reap his wrath when they are unable to keep up with his work, or his strength. Four-letter words and the worst profanities under the sun would come out in torrents. The workers just keep quiet for none of them would dare to stand up to him.

How his wife and children tolerate him is a mystery to me. He and his wife live together in the same house with his son and family. There are altogether six people in their three-room house that is just opposite mine. Frequently his harsh voice would come across as he chastises a family member or the family dog. No one argues back. They know it is futile.

Most mornings I see this grouchy man get into his beat-up old car on his way to work just as I go to school. Wishing him good morning is a waste of breath for he never answers. So I have given that up. It is better to leave him alone to scowl as much as he wants. Perhaps one day he will stop his grouchy ways, who knows.


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