A Cherish Rain

A Cherish Rain

I love the sound of rain. When rain falls with its soothing pitter-patter, I remember the good days when my family would sit on the verandah of our house and watch the rain. My mother will make some simple cookies and hot coffee. My elder brother would make paper boats which we launched into the drains and watched them float a while before they sank. The sound of rain brings back those memories which I cherish dearly.

We could hear the sound of insects and frogs. Then, the rain would stop and one could smell the freshness of the air. Rain is good for the plants which look green and luscious in the morning. The flowers will look fresh and beautiful. The soil will be soft and farmers would turn it over to ensure its fertility. New plants will sprout and there is a promise of a good harvest.

Rain, unfortunately, does not only come in pleasant forms. Excess rain brings many problems. Thunder and lightning can cause danger and death. Fishermen out at sea are at risk when storms occur. Schoolchildren and working people encounter many problems on the roads. There will be traffic jams and flash floods in the towns and cities which will delay people from reaching home. More accidents are likely to occur. In addition, continuous rain would lead to villages being flooded and people being evacuated to safe shelters. Life will come to a standstill until the rains subside.

If there is no rain at all, as in some countries which experience hot weather for several weeks and sometimes months, the people face much suffering. Plants and animals die. People also suffer from the ill effects as rivers and water sources dry up. Droughts will lead to food and water shortage. Slow death will prevail unless outside help is rendered.

Life is indeed tough with excess rain or with insufficient rain. The problems that people would go through are numerous. Rain is a blessing when it arrives in moderate doses and a catastrophe when it comes as a typhoon. Modernization and the products of technology have brought some good to the people but the effects of the forces of nature cannot be dealt with easily. Sudden climatic changes have made life more unpredictable today.