City life is better than country life – an Open Speech

City life is better than country life – an Open Speech

In almost every country, more and more people have migrated from the country to the cities. People seem to think that living in the city is better than living in the country. Given a choice, I would choose to live in the city too and I have strong reasons for this.

One advantage of living in the city is that life is more convenient. Getting around the city with public transportation is easy. Some complaint about the traffic jams in the city but I think that a little delay is better than having to walk or cycle for long distances as people do in the country. Schools in the city are generally better equipped. The choices for furthering our studies after secondary school are aplenty with a large number of colleges in the city. Getting medical attention is easy as the big hospitals are located in the cities. In addition, getting provisions is convenient with shops at every corner where you can buy just about anything.

Living in the city is definitely more exciting than living in the country. Within the city, there are all sorts of places to visit, including shopping malls, theme parks, museums, and cinemas. Although some of these may also be available in some parts of the countryside, it is commonly known that the best ones with the best facilities are located in the city. Those living in the city have easy access to and a wide variety of ways to entertain themselves.

One main reason why people leave the country to start a new life in the city is that it is easier to find jobs in the city. In the country, economic activity is limited to agriculture and cottage industries. In the city, there are opportunities to build a career in a wide range of fields such as the services industry, management, sales, and marketing. Large international companies set up their offices in the cities, which provide city people with more employment opportunities. Earnings are also higher in the city and people can enjoy a better lifestyle.

Of course, living in the city has its downside as well. People earn more here but they also have to spend more because everything from rental to food is more expensive in the city. The environment is noisier and more polluted than in the country. The crime rate is higher in the city. The busy lifestyle of city dwellers also leads to more stress. But then, living in the country has its share of problems too. In my opinion, the advantages of city living outweigh the disadvantages.

In summary, city life is more convenient and exciting than country life. Also, there are more career opportunities in the city. These advantages are sufficient to persuade me to spend the rest of my life in the city.