Xbox owners are dissatisfied as prices rise

Xbox owners are dissatisfied as prices rise

Due to recent price increases, Xbox owners have been left unhappy. Xbox systems, Game Pass, and games have all increased in price over the last year, making the device less affordable.

Last year, Xbox raised the price of its first-party titles to match that of PlayStation. These games’ prices increased from £60 ($60) to £70 ($70).

Xbox also discontinued the £1 ($1) Game Pass trials offer, which allowed users to get their first month of Game Pass for free.

In addition, Xbox revealed that the Xbox Series X would be priced more, making it the more expensive alternative when compared to the PS5.

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Xbox owners are dissatisfied as prices rise

The business raised the pricing of Game Pass for Console and Ultimate this year.

These changes, while startling to the community, were to be expected given the total price increase.

Because to the price increase for Game Pass, many individuals purchased a month of the service before the deadline. However, on the same day the price was raised, Xbox reinstated the £1 ($1) bargain, causing many consumers to lose money.

Xbox made another adjustment to title Pass just before the release of this year’s biggest title, Starfield. The £1 ($1) trial is now only two weeks lengthy instead of the normal month, which is insufficient time to thoroughly explore the game.

All of these changes have left customers perplexed about current offers, causing challenges for consumers.

Xbox owners are expecting for more pricing transparency and consistency in the future.