Write A Newsletter To Complain Against The School-Bus Drivers

Write A Newsletter To Complain Against The School-Bus Drivers

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a local daily complaining against the school-bus drivers for rash-driving and overcrowding of buses causing a risk to the lives of innocent school children.


The Editor

(Newspaper Name)……………


Subject: Regarding reckless driving of school-bus drivers


I shall be greatly pleased if you kindly publish the following letter in your famous daily. Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the grave issue of rash driving being done by school bus drivers that pose a threat to the lives of innocent school children and trespassers.

Driving in a zigzag manner on packed roads, crossing speed-limits, not following traffic lights has become very common. Despite such strict regulations regarding speed, none of these drivers seem to follow them. This shows that there is a lack of implementation. This is a menace to other road users as the bus drivers that drive at high speed might crush down whoever comes in their way.

By addressing this issue, it is hoped that public awareness towards the dangers of reckless driving can be raised. It is also the time for the traffic authorities to take stronger measures against the reckless drivers, which includes levying heavy fines and forfeiting of their licenses if they are found guilty of breaching the traffic rules.

Yours Sincerely