Sample Reunion Agenda Format

Sample Reunion Agenda Format

Sample Reunion Agenda Format

[These are Sample Reunion Agenda Format. A reunion agenda is a type of agenda that is specially designed for a reunion. To prepare for the reunion, you need an agenda of all the plans and ideas discussed during a meeting.]

Points to consider while drafting Reunion Agendas –

  • The day, date and location of the reunion meeting must be mentioned on the agenda.
  • Family reunions are generally between members of the family, and therefore the invitation must contain opening and closing salutations.
  • Mentioning the schedule on the reunion will also prove helpful especially for people who may be arriving from different cities.
  • Topics for discussion may be mentioned with the understanding that discussions during reunions often tend to build on themselves with the progress of the meeting.
Example of Reunion Agenda –

(Institute name) Alumni Association

Reunion Weekend Class Meeting Agenda

I. Welcome by the class president as the presiding officer

Alumni Association update.

II. Reports:

  1. Secretary reviews minutes of the previous class meeting.
  2. Treasurer reviews the dues and the reunion.
  3. Reunion gift chair by the head class agent.
  4. Gift planning for classes which are 25 or more years out.

III. Pending business.

IV. New business.

  1. Nominating the report of the chair.
  2. Election of new class officers to serve for five years.
  3. Class connections such as ongoing communications, letters, web pages Etc.
  4. Class treasury.
  5. Remembering members who have passed away.


Another Example of Reunion Agenda –

Grand Family Reunion Agenda


7 AM To 10 AM (Time) — Registration at the hotel lobby, Holiday Inn Suites.

10 AM to 1 PM — bus tours of historic sites [buses will leave and return to the auditorium (Address)].

10 AM to 3 PM — auditorium opens for fun and games for all ages and includes activities like family bingo, card and dominoes tournament, line dancing, Etc. Invitees can also enjoy their free time and visit old friends or enjoy front Street.

7 PM to 11 PM — auditorium opens.

Dinner as you meet and greet, welcome, Louisiana cuisine, honor, and tributes, family history, and door prizes. Veterans and active-duty members are encouraged to wear dress uniforms. Other members are requested to be dressed in casual attire.

[Note: Reunions can be of different types, and the people attending them will also have different ideas about what the event is all about. Providing them with proper information in the form of a reunion agenda will make things easier both for the organizer and the invitees and allow everyone to have a great time.]