Wing Security Launches Its End-To-End Saas Security Platform, Raises $26M

Wing Security Launches Its End-To-End Saas Security Platform, Raises $26M

As organizations rely on an ever-increasing number of SaaS solutions, security teams must have a better awareness of the apps workers are really utilizing and the dangers connected with those applications. It’s no wonder, therefore, that SaaS security solutions have grown in popularity. 

Wing Security, which is announcing its $20 million Series A funding round and coming out of stealth today, aims to provide a comprehensive end-to-end SaaS security platform that can help businesses discover, monitor, and — if necessary — automatically remediate potential security issues with how their employees use any of over 100,000 SaaS tools.

GGV Capital led the business’s Series a financing, while S-Capital led its $6 million seed round, which the company hadn’t previously revealed. Fireblocks CEO and co-Founder Michael Shaulov, Orca Security co-Founders Avi Shua and Gil Geron, former Kenna Security CEO Karim Toubba, and Claroty co-Founder Galina Antova were among the angel investors. Wing’s founding crew is one item that immediately stands out.

Even in the Israeli security startup ecosystem, which draws heavily from the IDF’s unit 8200, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced set of founders than Retired Brigadier General Noam Shaar, the former Chief Information Security Officer for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and Retired Colonel Galit Lubitsky, the former head of the IDF’s Cyber Operations. It was also because of this leadership experience that the founders decided to start Wing. “We recognize that people require a comprehensive, end-to-end service. They don’t require a single solution to handle unknown apps or to ensure that Slack is operating and being used safely,” Shaar explained. 

“As a former CISO of Israel’s largest and most complex business, all I wanted from my security tools was for them to function, be easy to use, and keep me safe. ‘Ah, you had that incident?’ says no one. That’s because that’s not something we cover.’ Then you’ve got a bunch of different solutions to attempt to combine, and it never works.”

Wing then provides a platform that can find all of a company’s SaaS services without the need to install agents on consumers’ devices. To do so, the service connects to some of the most popular SaaS services in use at a certain firm (think Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, etc.) and analyzes the activity and relationships between them. That isn’t easy, but it is simple and comparable to what some other businesses in this sector do. Wing also works with endpoint security solutions to query those endpoints on a regular basis to collect telemetry on SaaS apps that workers use on those computers.

“Bringing those two ways together is the only way to obtain a whole picture,” said Shaar, who also suggested that the team is working on a solution that doesn’t rely on existing endpoint management services. The Wing team was quick to point out that the service merely looks at metadata. It also ignores the contents of workers’ email inboxes.

Wing not only detects unapproved apps, but also possible configuration errors with permitted SaaS services that might lead to security vulnerabilities. However, the corporation — and its investors — contend that simply sending out notifications about possible security risks isn’t enough. “When security experts discover another instrument that generates alarms, they think to themselves, ‘and then what?’ What should I do with these notifications? From now till indefinitely, I have notifications.’ Wing’s platform strategy, in my opinion, is really unique. They went on to declare, “We’re not stopping here; we’re going to fix this problem for you,” according to GGV’s Oren Yunger.

In fact, this means Wing not only provides playbooks for resolving frequent problems, but also includes automated solutions for resolving reoccurring problems. “Wing’s comprehensive platform handles all of your SaaS security requirements. “It detects all SaaS apps, prioritizes threats, and automates remediation,” said Philip Martin of Coinbase, who is also a member of the Silicon Valley CISO Investments Group. “This enables security teams to swiftly and effectively respond to SaaS security concerns, transforming security into a productivity facilitator for employees who want to utilize SaaS solutions rather than a productivity stumbling block.”