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why international marketing differs from domestic marketing

why international marketing differs from domestic marketing


Domestic marketing is the marketing practices within a marketer’s home country. Foreign marketing is the domestic operations within a foreign country (i.e., marketing methods used outside the home market). Comparative marketing analytically compares two or more countries’ marketing systems to identify similarities and differences.

International marketing studies the “how” and “why” a product succeeds or fails abroad and how marketing efforts affect the outcome. It provides a micro view of the market at the company level.

Multinational, global, and world marketing are all the same thing. Multinational marketing treats all countries as the world market without designating a particular country as domestic or foreign. As such, a company engaging in multinational marketing is a corporate citizen of the world, whereas international marketing implies the presence of a home base. However, the subtle difference between international marketing and multinational marketing is probably insignificant in terms of strategic implications.

Domestic Marketing

The marketing strategies that are employed to attract and influence customers within the political boundaries of a country are known as Domestic marketing. When a company caters only to local markets, even though it may be competing against foreign companies operating within the country, it is said to be involved in domestic marketing. The focus of companies is on the local customer and market only and no thought is given to overseas markets. All the product and services are produced keeping in mind local customers only.

International Marketing

When there are no boundaries for a company and it targets customers overseas or in another country, it is said to be engaged in international marketing. If we go by the definition of marketing given above, the process becomes multinational in this case. As such, and in a simplified way, it is nothing but application of marketing principles across countries. Here it is interesting to note that the techniques used in international marketing are primarily those of the home country or the country which has the headquarters of the company. In America and Europe, many experts believe international marketing to be similar to exporting. According to another definition, international marketing refers to business activities that direct the flow of goods and services of a company to consumers in more than one country for profit purposes only.

Difference between domestic marketing and international marketing

As explained earlier, both domestic as well as international marketing refer to the same marketing principles. However, there are glaring dissimilarities between the two.

Scope – The scope of domestic marketing is limited and will eventually dry up. On the other end, international marketing has endless opportunities and scope.

Benefits – As is obvious, the benefits in domestic marketing are less than in international marketing. Furthermore, there is an added incentive of foreign currency that is important from the point of view of the home country as well.

Sharing of technology – Domestic marketing is limited in the use of technology whereas international marketing allows use and sharing of latest technologies.

Political relations – Domestic marketing has nothing to do with political relations whereas international marketing leads to improvement in political relations between countries and also increased level of cooperation as a result.

Barriers – In domestic marketing there are no barriers but in international marketing there are many barriers such as cross cultural differences, language, currency, traditions and customs.