Which Household Tasks are you Ready to Take On and Avoid – an Open Speech

The mention of `household’ gives me an impression of domesticity (to be tamed and trained to do housework). `Tasks’ is a negative word to me – it spells unpleasant chores, in this case, those done in the house.

Being an only child and a boy to boot, Mum dotes on me. But Dad would have none of Mum spoiling me. He always asks Mum to delegate household chores to me, the more unpleasant the better, so that as he phrases it, “I will respect those who work with their hands”. I have seen the truth of what he says, especially when I see the behavior of some of my friends who behave like spoilt brats. They always leave dirty, unpleasant tasks to their mums or maids.

However, even though I know it is my responsibility to help lighten Mum’s duties in the household, I have certain preferences. For instance, I like to cook, vacuum and mop the floor. The tasks that I hate to do are sweeping, ironing or throwing the rubbish bag down the chute. I will give my reasons for my likes and dislikes.

By nature, I am a very clean and fastidious person. That is why I am very averse to have anything to do with dirt. Hence, when I sweep the floor, I tend to take ages to do it as I search for the miserable litter and dirt in every nook and cranny of my flat. My mum nags me on my slowness and that is why I also dislike doing this.

Taking out the household rubbish and disposing of it is another task I heartily dislike. The sour smell of leftovers and swill revolts me and Dad always laugh when he sees me trying to get rid of it as fast as possible when I carry it to the common corridor outside to dispose of it down the chute!

Another task I always try to avoid doing is ironing. For the life of me, I can never get it right. By nature, I am rather impatient. Hence, I try to get the task over as quickly as possible. Being lazy at times, I do not put much effort in ironing out the creases. The end result is that the clothes are not always properly ironed, and Dad insists I have to iron them again. What a bother! I guess I do not have the aptitude to do this tedious chore.

However, I like mechanical things and love to control machines. Hence, I am always the first one to start the washing machine and vacuum cleaner. I love the mechanical clanging and wringing of these things. When I move my vacuum cleaner across the floor, I pretend that I am a monster and the dust and dirt are ugly human beings being sucked up by me.

There is one task which I thoroughly like and that is cooking. Others may regard it as a chore. Mum is an average cook and Dad cannot cook for his life him. But boy, can I cook! They say that self-praise is no praise at all, but it is true. I really can cook. Dad says so and Mum also grudgingly admits it.

When I am given the task of preparing the weekend meal, I will spend the whole day thinking about it like what dishes to prepare, how to cook them, and how to obtain the best and freshest ingredients. I really take pains to cook the dishes and the satisfied expressions of those who partake of my dishes are satisfactory enough.

I shall end this essay now on my likes and dislikes of household tasks. I hope I have not prejudiced you against certain household tasks.