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We’ve hit the Part of Lockdown Where People Have the Hot’s for a Hornet

We’ve hit the Part of Lockdown Where People Have the Hot’s for a Hornet

Hi everyone, as a pastor, IFLScience has come here to ruin a fun internet post with a place of science. So many days ago we ruined a beautiful picture of a heart-shaped beehive that continues to go viral, even though there was something suspicious about it. Everyone stopped their suspicions when they saw the seemingly funny bee tweets.

Today, we turn to Hornet and another tweet that has gained a lot of numbers over the last few days due to instantly obvious reasons. I mean, look at this. Thousands of people retweeted it, many joking about how it feels.

Okay, you made fun of yourself, now it’s time to ruin it. [Magazine roll up to hit the internet with the nose] No, Hornet doesn’t have breasts bad Internet.  Insects, reptiles, and amphibians do not have breasts, which is a type of mammal, just as many mammals have their nurse. Other animals don’t, so you’ve never seen an alligator with a breast. They have a reason to be called “mammalian” glands.

In fact, despite what cartoons have influenced over the years, humans are the only animals on earth that have developed breasts that remain there permanently. All other mammals develop breasts temporarily during nursing or ovulation, before disappearing again. Which leads neatly onto another photo that occassionally does the rounds on the Internet, a particularly voluptuous looking squirrel.

Squirrels have many mammals, some species up to 10 though, but their nipples are longer than the development of the breasts and the surrounding fur falls off in front of their young thinks “hot”. As for the “Asian Magumbo Hornet”, it has a simpler explanation: it is a Photoshop work that started from the Photoshop War on Reddy. Someone saw it and thought “it could use some breasts”. Voila, after being shared without context for several years, people now believe it to be a kind of horned breast. Add a lot of people who have spent the lockdown without human contact and all of a sudden it is not just a horn with breasts; it’s a sink with breasts that people declare hot.