Webcam Footage Of Storm Surge Illustrates Hurricane Ian’s Devastating Effects

Webcam Footage Of Storm Surge Illustrates Hurricane Ian’s Devastating Effects

Webcam footage from Fort Myers, Florida has shown the terrible effects of the storm surge brought on by Hurricane Ian.

In what is referred to as a “storm surge,” water levels in Florida increased to unusual heights prior to Hurricane Ian. High winds pushing water toward the coast are the main cause of the surges, while low pressure within the storm drawing the water up might also be a factor. Strong winds can produce waves in the storm surge itself, adding to the destruction from high water levels and harming people, sea defenses, and property.

Brennan Prill, a reporter for Wood TV, recorded timelapse video of some of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers.

“This storm had historically significant effects, and the destruction it caused was historically significant. And those are just the preliminary findings. In the days to come, there will be a great deal more assessment “During a press conference, DeSantis remarked.

“But I don’t believe this flood disaster has ever happened before. We’ve never had a storm surge of this size, and it hit a region where many people live in low-lying areas. It will end up causing significant damage to many people’s homes.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator for President Biden will travel to Florida on Friday, according to a statement from the White House released today.

“The President spoke this morning with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the measures the Biden-Harris Administration is doing to assist Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian, including the issue of a Disaster Declaration this morning “In the statement, the White House added.

The President informed the Governor that he would dispatch his FEMA Administrator to Florida tomorrow to monitor response efforts and determine where more assistance was required. The President and Governor agreed to keep working closely together.”