Vyrill, Winner of the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off, Helps Brands Discover and Leverage user-Generated Video Reviews

Vyrill, Winner of the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off, Helps Brands Discover and Leverage user-Generated Video Reviews

Helps viral brands discover and gain video reviews created by genuine customers and users. The company has introduced its product TechCrunch at an early stage: marketing and fundraising, where it has beaten nine other companies to win the pitch-off. The judges were fascinated by the fancy look of the viral and the fancy technology surrounding the discovery and filtering of relevant videos. It’s a fight for companies of every size. The authenticity of user-generated content is often clear and therefore highly sought after because of its robustness. But the challenge is finding the ideal video quickly and efficiently.

At the moment, this usually involves searching for a video based on its title and then screening the entire video – a process that is hazardous and labor-intensive. Ajay Bam, CEO of Viral, emphasized during his presentation that brands tend to lean towards the growing general public for video advertising. Instead of slot marketing videos, brands are often licensing and marketing content created by real-life product users. But the search tools built on challenging discovery and video platforms only pars the text in the title and description. Viril claims that there is a solution.

For example, with the help of Viral’s technology, L’Oreal can organize millions of YouTube videos into the appropriate product category by matching them to their entire product catalog. This enables L’Oreal to identify and use the best user-generated videos for the company’s marketing purposes. In addition, with Viral’s system, L’Oreal can dig and identify user-generated content by specifying a specific product. Viral’s systems analyze videos and parse video text, audio, and images against a number of key filters, including variety, content, engagement, and more. According to Viral, this system is the secret sauce, enabling brands to quickly discover the best videos. 

The system helps brands connect with content creators by displaying profiles and email addresses. CEO Ajay Bam said during his presentation that the company currently has 40 companies on its platform and it is doubling month by month. Left and co-founder and CTO Dr. Barbara Rosario started the company in 2015 and raised $2.1 million in pre-seed rounds in 2018. The company is raising funds for the Seed Scholarship with the $1.2 million already raised.