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TikTokers go Wild for Massive Chicken Egg Found to Contain a Second Egg

TikTokers go Wild for Massive Chicken Egg Found to Contain a Second Egg

Eating eggs starts to look pretty weird when you think too much. The chicken’s released eggs are produced because they fail to fill any sperm before they leave, so they usually back up their maker with enthusiasm because it’s not good to cook any with enthusiasm.

Poultry breeders who wish to collect unused eggs occasionally lay eggs in solid-sized decoys to train the birds to jump instantly into the creation of their coop mates. A natural process occurs in animals, so there are some strange improvisations of egg making. The chicken diet is low in calcium so soft-shelled “jelly eggs” or sometimes eggs without any shells can come out. 

Aside from being a bit weird it doesn’t affect the quality of the egg as a snack but can be messy if there are some developing embryos inside. The double yolker tax is another popular egg-based odor, found in about one in every one thousand chicken eggs. Although the press has covered multiple double joker events with figures close to one in a trillion marks, they may come in clusters so this is not entirely true. A recent video of TikTok leaked to Owen, which could have happened with a chicken egg, revealed an egg since a user released a video of a massaged egg being scattered by their chickens (think for a clock, please).

The egg weighed 150 grams (0.3 pounds) and was about 8 centimeters (3 inches) long. This is almost three times more than your average chicken egg. Notably, there is a second EGG when the lizards crack open the egg, kinder surprise, really. Although pretty dilapidated and admittedly rare, this type of ovulation is unheard of and the explanation of how it happens will keep you thinking about that cloak once more.

Our female hen cooks one in the egg and goes to push that baby out, sucking it again just for a counter-peristalsis compression. This full-ovum was then pushed into the mass of a developing cow, which was able to bind it. As can be seen in the TikTok video, the exotic eggs were still able to work quite well in making nutritious yolks and albumin, “but what about the second egg?!” I can hear crying.