Three days left to save on on early-bird pricing for TC Early Stage – Operations & Fundraising

Three days left to save on on early-bird pricing for TC Early Stage – Operations & Fundraising

In just 72 hours, the price of the starting bird for TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 has disappeared, our two-part, Founder bootcamp series focuses on the building blocks you need to grow your company. The first TC Early Stage Operations and Fundraising event is April 1-2 – a full two days of two programs, educational connections and opportunities. The second event, TC Early Stage – Marketing and Fundraising is July 8-9 July. Pro Tip: Each bootcamp stands alone and features a variety of subjects, content and speakers. Attend one or two events – it is up to you. However, know this: if you pass the double event at the initial bird price, you will be able to save more and learn twice as much. Deadline, buy your passes (PT) at 27:59 February 27 and save up to $100.

The TC Early Stage designed to help new startup founders (pre-seed through Series A) learn the skills needed to build a successful startup. No need to rediscover the wheel – you will have access to leading experts across a range of specialties. Much like skin (infected within two days), you will learn about legal issues, fundraising, marketing, growth, product-market fit, technology stacks, pitch decks and recruitment. We are talking about highly engaging workshops with interactive Q&A.

One day you will hear from experts like Eghosa Omoigui, founder and managing general partner of EchoVC Partners, a seed and early stage capital enterprise of technology enterprise, serving the presented founders and underweight markets. He will discuss ways to keep your eyes on the big picture and ways to avoid blind spots that lead to fractionation and supervision. The second day featured off the TC Early Stage Pitch! Out of the hundreds of applications we received, we selected ten founders for five minutes on a panel of eminent VC judges – followed by five minutes of Q&A. The three founders will advance to the finals, go to a new panel of judges, and endure deeper questions and answers. The winner received a feature article on TechCrunch.com, a free ExtraCrunch, one-year subscription and a Free Founder Pass in TechCrunch Disrupt 2021.

“You learned from industry leaders and seasoned founders – people who were already there and did it. They were genuine and honest about industry expectations. Also, they shared first-hand accounts, which made them more relevant” – said Chloe Leaaetoa, founder of Socicraft.

Do not restore the wheel. Go to TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 (April and July), learn how to be the best, connect with other early stage founders and make startups that are more powerful. The initial bird price disappears within three days at 11:59 on Friday, February 27 (PT) Buy your pass today and save up to $100.