The “Windcatcher”: Bigger than the Eiffel Tower and can Power 80,000 Homes, Say Developers

The “Windcatcher”: Bigger than the Eiffel Tower and can Power 80,000 Homes, Say Developers

You see, unless humanism works together on the climate crisis, future wars, displaced people and deep poverty will be divided. The good news is, there are a lot of people out there who are coming up with some innovative solutions that change the way we use energy in our modern world and continue to create real possibilities for a clean future. And perhaps the most interesting of the eco-conservation innovations we’ll see in the near future: Windcatcher self-taught inventor Asbjorn Ness’s Brainchild, Windcatcher is a huge offshore “sail” that could radically change wind power generation. And when we say “huge”, we mean “bigger than the Eiffel Tower”:

Although this is not the only design available, a special type of turbine has affected the wind power industry: the horizontal axis wind turbine. You know what it is – it’s a long space that supports lots of blades that turn and gives the idea of ​​a kind of space-age windmill. And obviously it’s an effective design, especially on the ground, with co-entrepreneurs Arthur Cord and Ole Heggheim, including Ness, wanting to know if this millennium-technology was the best or most effective way to generate energy in the twenty-first century. “It was trying to be creative, doing something else,” Ronnie Karlsen, CFO of Wind Catching Systems AS, told IFLS. “How you can change what’s currently being done – that’s the definition of innovation.”

Karlsen explained that the Windcatcher would be a huge offshore structure, where even conventional wind farms have seen incredible success. In the meantime, however, the founders of wind-catching systems drew the oceans instead of simply reproducing populous designs in the oceans and their backgrounds in the oil and gas industry. “Floating structures are well-known in seaside technology, especially in the oil and gas industry,” Karlsen said. “You have a sea bed and a fixed [fixed] floating oil rig in a fixed place.” 

He added, “The turbines in our system are [off] off the shelves.” These are manufactured by many of the turbine manufacturers. Different than anything.”