The Rainy Season in Bangladesh

The Rainy Season in Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is the second season of them. The Bengali months – ‘Ashar’ and ‘Shraban’ are called the rainy season. Sometimes it begins earlier and lasts longer. Of the six seasons in Bangladesh the rainy season is the most important due to its contribution towards our agriculture. During the rainy season the sky often remains overcast with thick black lauds that cover across the sky close to the earths suffers surface. The rainy season facilitates the navigation system in the country and thereby fosters our trade and commerce.

The rainy season is caused by the monsoon. The south-west monsoon blows over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal from June through September. This actually brings in the rains. During the summer a large quantity of the sea-water turns into vapor. When the monsoon breaks out, the vapour is cooled and condensed into cloud by contact with the cooler currents of the air. Due to the heavy and incessant rainfalls, wells, ponds, rivers, canals, “lakes, etc. become full to the brim. Thus, a heavy rainfall is caused and the rainy season occurs in Bangladesh.

During the rainy season, the sky remains cloudy. Sometimes, the sun is not seen. It remains hidden behind the clouds. It rains cats and dogs. Sometimes, it rains for days together. Ponds, canals, rivers – all are tilled up in this season. Rivers usually overflow their banks. Roads become muddy and in many cases unusable. In many villages, one has to go by boats. In this season, the landscape turns green. Trees shake off dry leaves and new ones sprout forth. It makes our land alluvial, fertile and suitable for growing better crops. Hilsha and other fishes are available in this season.

The rainy season is a blessing for our country. Bangladesh is an agricultural country and most of the crops grow well in rainwater. The current of rainwater makes our soil fertile. Farmers anxiously wait for the rain as cultivation depends on rain. Without rain, the fields cannot be plowed. Much rain is necessary for growing paddy and jute. It washes away. The filth and dirt from the earth’s surface. It also purifies the atmosphere. Men can easily go from one place to another by boat. Excessive rainfall causes flood and damages the crops. Sometimes it sweeps away cattle and other things of the villagers. As a result, famine breaks out sometimes.

It is true that the rainy season has some disadvantages. In spite of that, it is the most important season in Bangladesh. The reason behind this is that Bangladesh is an agricultural country and it mainly depends on rain for agricultural operation. This season is closely related to the economy of the country and prosperity of our people. The prosperity and development of our agriculture, which is the heart of our economy largely, depend on the mercy of the rainy season. In fact, the rainy season is a blessing to the economy of our country and the prosperity of the people. We always welcome this season and enjoy its beauty.