The Perseverance Of Rahima Khatun

Once there lived a middle-aged woman named Rahima Khatun. Her husband died in a road accident leaving her in charge of three tender kids. None but she had to work very hard all day long to earn money for the family. One day she met a group of people from a government-owned bank. She learned from them that they were interested in helping the poor people, the landless and the helpless at a very flexible set of conditions. No news could be better to Rahima than it. These people helped her to take a loan of taka 25,000/- from their bank.

In her Childhood, Rahima Khatun learned to do embroidery work in clothes. She hired a shop in the local market. With the money, she bought white sarees from the mills at wholesale rate. She along with her sister and other women embroidered the sarees and sold them in the market. Her elder son used to sit in the shop. Thus in two years time, Rahima and her son earned a lot of money. She repaid the loan, built a new house and sent her other children to school. They lived together happily.