The horrific video shows the moment when eight houses around the ground fell into the sea

The horrific video shows the moment when eight houses around the ground fell into the sea

Eight houses were submerged in a 1,010-meter-wide (2,000-foot-wide) body of water in a sea in northern Norway on Wednesday. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the incident, which was captured on camera.  The footage shows that at the moment a huge tract of land has fallen into the sea. The incident continued for several hours as instability continued in the area even after the initial waves ripped through the houses there.

The mud and rocks rose 150 meters (500 feet) and flowed along the west side of the Kråkneset in Alta Municipality. It took eight houses when it floated toward the ocean, which is seen in the video as the uninterrupted surface of the Earth’s raft flowing into the water.

According to a Forbes report, he became aware of what was happening after hearing a local loud bang that he first believed in as an intruder in his home. Once he became aware of what was happening, he ran and caught the incredible thing that happened on camera.

Police conducted a rescue operation at around 4.30 pm and were informed about the clay. Although no one was injured, one was evacuated from a nearby property and a dog was thrown into the water. Luckily, the dog was able to swim back to the spot where the helicopter rescuers met a seemingly grateful puppy. In the video below you can see the heartbreaking rescue.

Mudslides are the result of large amounts of water that erodes steep slopes, such as the rapid erosion of the soil towards the sea. This water usually comes from snowflakes in the snowcaps of the mountains but there can be heavy rainfall. As soon as a sudden flow of water mixes with the soil, it becomes loose and begins to descend from the bottom, accumulating velocity as it travels.