The End of the Holidays

The End of the Holidays

The holidays are coming to an end. It will soon be back to school to begin another year of studies: I am filled with both joy and sadness as the start of another school term approaches. The holidays had been fantastic. I was able to complete the majority of my planned activities, such as camping, cycling, visiting friends, and watching videos at home. The previous five weeks had been extremely hectic. A lot of unexpected things happened, but they were mostly pleasant.

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect vacation was having to push my bicycle ten kilometers to the next repair shop after the tire sprung a leak. Aside from that, I have no complaints.

In a few days, the year’s darkest Monday will arrive. I’ll be returning to school for possibly the last time because I’ll be in the Fifth Form next year. It will be an exam year, so I will have to focus more on my studies. I can’t keep messing around like I have this year. As they say, Form Four is a honeymoon year. Perhaps this is the case. Form Five will not be like that. In fact, it will be a grueling year.

I’ll have to start preparing for the new semester. I need new shoes and a bag to carry my books in. The old ones are already beyond repair. Also, I need to buy some pens and other writing materials. Other than these things I probably have all I will need for the coming year. Anything else necessary will be evident when the time comes.

So I’m wondering how my classmates will act this year. They will not be as amusing as they were last year. I’m also curious if there will be any new teachers to teach us. Our mathematics teacher has been transferred, so we will have a replacement. I’m hoping the new one will be better than the previous one, who was actually a little lax in his teaching.

Oh, I forgot to check my bicycle. It would be extremely unlucky to have a flat tire on the first day of school. So I guess I’ll have to get the old tire replaced. That costs money. I’ll have to ask my mother for some.

Now that the holidays are over and the year is drawing to a close, the tears have taken on a new hue. It feels like the great deluge, with biblical proportions. Everyone keeps asking me what’s wrong, but it’s too difficult to explain. How do you explain to someone that nothing is wrong when everything is correct? When you have nothing to say, how do you respond to a question? When someone asks who hurt me, how do I respond that I hurt myself? How do you deal with the avalanche of problems you’ve created? And why am I wallowing in self-pity when I can’t stand myself? It’s all very perplexing, and everyone around me is perplexed. Is this a new kind of New Year? And am I sad for the past years or am I sad about the New Year coming? And finally, why can’t I change the things that I know i can change and stop myself from dying when all I want to do is live?

As a result, the last few days of the holidays will be spent preparing for the upcoming school year. As I previously stated, I am looking forward to returning to school with mixed feelings. I’m excited to see my friends again, but I’m also sad because this will most likely be my last year of school. The school years had been fantastic. It’s a little depressing to know that they’re almost over. Nonetheless, the holidays are almost over, and I must prepare for the next stage of my life.