The Demon Core: how One Man Intervened with his Bare Hands during a Nuclear Accident?

The Demon Core: how One Man Intervened with his Bare Hands during a Nuclear Accident?

After the end of World War II and the devastating effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Cold War began. The devastation and power promised by the atomic bomb has pushed the world superpowers to the brink of a nuclear probe. Enter ‘monster core’, size 6.2 kilograms (13.7 lbs) and 3.5. This spherical mass of radioactive plutonium (then known as ‘Rhufus’) with a diameter of inches was designed in nuclear research as an isolated source for the initial reconstruction of the atomic bomb.

Throughout 1945 and 1946, the monster’s core was tested and an atomic bomb built for Japan would have found itself if they had not surrendered. As expected from its ‘evil title’, the monster core was not kind to the nuclear physicists involved. Designed as a bomb core, it had a slight margin before it increased radioactivity and became supercritical (once the blast reaction started, it increased in rate). Thus, any external factors that may increase reactivity, for example, the compression of the core (which is how the split bomb explodes) must be observed around the monster core.

Despite the danger, the researchers used the core as an experimental part on the supernatural, pushing the neutron reflector to its limits. Neutron reflections are used to encircle the nucleus, and as the nuclear dissociation reaction occurs, they reflect the neutrons in the atomic matter to increase the amount of dissociation. In 1945, the only physicist in his laboratory, Harry Daghlian, was conducting a neutron reflex test on a ghost’s core when he accidentally dropped a brick of reflected tungsten carbide on top of the core, pushing it towards supercriticality to release the deadly fat of neutron radiation.

After a 3-week battle with acute radiation sickness, Daghlian committed suicide at his wound site, which led to stricter legislation on nuclear research at the Manhattan Project – although it would not be strict enough. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell. As we learned above, communication between the reflector and the monster core would end fatally, so spacers were used to maintain isolation between the two.