The Cozy MMO from Journey Creator is now Available on PC

The Cozy MMO from Journey Creator is now Available on PC

That game company is most known for Journey, a stunning adventure-puzzle game with a mysterious co-op feature in which unidentified individuals will occasionally enter and exit your journey as they complete their own. This concept appeared to be the inspiration for the studio’s subsequent title, Sky: Children of the Light, which was initially released for mobile devices with the intention of extending the concept of semi-anonymous co-op across more players in larger areas.

I played it when it came out in 2019 and enjoyed it, especially how it managed to capture so much of what made Journey wonderful in a more open-ended, mystery-filled way. It is unmistakably an MMO, but it also operates like no other, with the game’s restrictions on interaction and identity working to create a distinct ambiance. All of this is to say that Sky is now available on Steam (opens in a new tab) and may be wishlisted. According to its shop website, it will also support cross-platform multiplayer.

The Cozy MMO from Journey Creator is now Available on PC

Sadly there’s no release date yet, though you wouldn’t expect it to take too much longer as it’s already launched on several other platforms.  “In this peaceful open-world MMORPG, join forces with players from all over the world to discover Sky’s secrets.” Explore dark regions, bring light to your Ancestors, and unearth ancient treasures. Sky’s realms are constantly evolving with new features, locations, products, and seasonal events. Meet new people on a never-ending trip!”

The game has seven dream realms and can be as involved or as relaxing as you choose. I’m also aware that, since I last played it, Thatgamecompany has continued to improve the game and run seasonal events, all of which, according to the Steam listing, will be included in this PC release.

Sky is a beautiful game that delivers on the promise of intriguing social mechanics, and I’ve never played anything else quite like it: Especially having fun with emotes when someone unusual appears, and exchanging light gifts. Keep an eye out for it when it comes out because you can’t go wrong for free.