The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS stakes its claim on a luxury, electric future

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS stakes its claim on a luxury, electric future

Ade provided pre-production driving with the billions of dollars spent on electrifying the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS, providing a closer look at what the German carmaker is doing. The EQS is a carefully designed flagship sedan that advances in Automaker’s MBUX infotainment system, a new electric platform and performance.

Setting a new benchmark for a full-size luxury sedan that could be electric is an unforgettable follow-up. Luxury electronic sedans signify what (and desire) Mercedes can offer American customers in the future, including EVS. In addition, partners are high. The German carmaker is relying on a successful rollout of the North American EQS.

“This is the beginning of a whole new era, because so far we have had a completely flexible platform with hybrids, ICEs and BEVs,” said Christophe Starzynski, head of the EC brand. In the US portfolio, “This is the first time we’ve really designed and developed and put all the technology into a battery electric car.” The EQS is a derivative of the 17-foot long flagship S-Class, the original price of the Mercedes-Benz top-line luxury sedan has $110,000 have (yet, the price has not disclosed at EQS.)

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS stakes its claim on a luxury, electric future

It has stocked with today’s best technology. While most customers will not appreciate all the duds with options in this car, they may enjoy knowing all information that is stored in the huge infotainment cloud or just keeping a software update. A fully understood EQS is such a leap forward that it feels like the new S class is already in another era.

The EQS 580 4matic model I tested has a 56-inch Hyperscreen, head-up display, acoustic glass, rear seat entertainment and an air filtration system, which predicts an epidemic, but naturally feels momentary. At the time of writing, the vehicle’s exterior is under wrapping until April 15. 

My five-year-old daughter came with me on a test drive. We started at the Mercedes Manhattan dealership, where EQS displayed in the store window. As soon as I approached the car, the driver’s door opened automatically with a bang. From the vantage point of her booster seat, my daughter played with the curtains in front of her and behind her. She chose ambient light for the cabin in pink and purple. Its top resort: “It’s a flashing rainbow ride. The backset experience is actually somewhat important, because the EQS is chauffeur-friendly, a prerequisite for luxury cars in China, and the sales hub for the next decade.