Sympathy Letter for Business Loss

Sympathy Letter for Business Loss

Sympathy Letter for Business Loss

[Here briefly describe on Sample Sympathy Letter for Business Loss. A letter of sympathy is written at the moment of sudden or tragic or sad occasion to sympathize with the victim. The value of life is more important than property. The loss of property can be recovered in any way but the loss of life can’t be made up. Despite that, the reader gets consolation to form the letter of sympathy. You can make changes as per your requirements.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

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Sub: Express Sympathy for Business Loss

Dear (name),

It is very distressing to know about the loss you have suffered in the business deal last month. (Describe in your words). From my years of doing business with you, you are our trusted business partner. What a great loss for you. (DEscribe actual problem and situation). However, it is true that you are fortunate enough that the damage was of a minor nature. I believe that with great efficiency and proper care you could have avoided the loss. As you carry on with the business you’ve created, however, I’m sure you’ll continue to succeed. (Describe your feelings and thoughts). May God be with you in your time of grieving and as you adjust to this great loss.

Now you should contact the insurance company immediately. Despite that may I provide you some financial help. (Cordially describe your sympathy and recommendation). I’m certain I’m expressing the thoughts of many in the business community, as well. I will be very happy if the answer is positive for me as soon as possible.

With good wishes-

Yours ever,

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