Steps to Overcome Communication Barriers in Business Organization

Steps to Overcome Communication Barriers in Business Organization

The effectiveness of communication greatly contributes to the success of an organization and the performance of its managers. Communication can hardly be a hundred percent accurate and it also happens by chance. There is a lot of communication barriers faced these days by all. Though it is impossible to overcome all the barriers to commutation. We can reduce them to a large extent. It is essential to deal with and cope up with these communication barriers so as to ensure smooth and effective communication.

Steps to Overcome Communication Barriers in Business Organization

  • Change in organizational structure:

The organizational structure should not be complex. Business concerns should design a flat structure that has few hierarchical levels. The number of hierarchical levels should be optimum. This will reduce the communication gap between superiors and subordinates. Simpler the organizational structure, more effective will be the communication.

  • Reduction of formalities:

Use of simple and clear words should be emphasized. This attitude should be changed to avoid unnecessary delays in the flow of communication. Use of ambiguous words and jargons should be avoided.

  • Introduction of feedback:

Communication is essentially a two-way pro­cess. Hence, feedback is very important. The business unit should allow employee survey open door policy, meeting, and suggestion box to receive feedback and make the effective communication. Even in face-to-face communica­tion, body language may provide a successful feedback.

  • Use of simple language:

Barriers to communication are often created due to semantic distortions. Simple and easy words should be used during communication rather than vague words, jargon, and local dialect. Avoiding technical terms, words with more than one meaning, difficult symbols, etc. makes it possible to eliminate communication barriers.

  • Enrichment of labor-management relation:

Improved interpersonal relations develop mutuality in organizations with employees becoming more cooperative and working together for accomplishing organizational goals. Timely feedback and a regular meeting can help to establish a good relationship between labor and management. A better relation can create a congenial environment for a smooth flow of information.

  • An arrangement of training & seminars:

Communication training can be a good method of overcoming communication barriers. A business organization should arrange training and seminars for employees on a regular basis to enhance knowledge and skill. If organization arranges training programs for the people involved in communication channel or network, their skills will be developed and communication barriers will be removed. This will increase e the efficiency of the employees at work.

  • Removal of political influence:

The business decision should be free from political influence. The trade union should be encouraged to raise a legal voice in the interest of employees only.

  • Using proper media:

The managers should properly select the medium of communication. Communication can fail for using the wrong media. The use of written means of communication should be encouraged for delivering complex messages. Media should be selected based on communication type, target receiver, and environment. This will lead to effective communication.

Therefore, the above-mentioned guidelines can break the communication barriers in business organizations.

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