Show Cause Notice Format for Employee

Show Cause Notice Format for Employee

Show Cause Notice Format for Employee

Date: dd-mm-yy


Name: XYZ


(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Show Cause Notice

Whereas a complaint against you lodged by (Name: ZZZ) (designation/position) (Dated) forums regarding use of substandard material in the contraction work, corruption and other serious allegations mentioned in the complaint.

And whereas the undersigned appointed (Designation/Position) of (Company/Organization Name) of (City/Area Name) as an (Authority) to en-quire the charges leveled against the accused official and submit this findings/inquiry report. The same is still awaited. And whereas the project manager project Implementation supervision consultants visited the plant and found that most of the grievances of the workers are valid/genuine. A photocopy of shortfalls pointed out by project manager is enclosed for early rectification.

The undersigned as competent authority of company checking employee’s efficiency discipline and accountability and inform all inefficient and corrupted employees warning notice.

The employees accused official is directed to submit written defence to the inquiry officer within seven days of the date of issuance of this order. If the employee fails to submit his written defence within the prescribed period, It will be resumed that either he has no defence to offer or he has decline to offer the same and he has accepted the charges.


HR Department.