Save the Environment – an Open Speech

Save the Environment – an Open Speech

Save the Environment – an Open Speech

The world around us is in danger. The Earth faces problems of global warming and massive pollution. Our rainforests are disappearing. Animals in the rainforests are in danger of extinction. So are our natural resources. How can one person save the environment?

There are many things that we as individuals can do to stop the destruction of the environment. We should take green steps, that is, change our habits and lifestyles to stop polluting and harming the world around us. After some contemplation, I know what I can do to contribute towards saving our environment. I will practice the 3Rs – reduce, recycle, and reuse – my dictum in life. I will not be part of the use-and-throw society.

Firstly, I can reduce the consumption of paper by using handkerchiefs. This will definitely save many trees. Every kilogram of paper I do not use can save 2.5 kg of greenhouse gases. I will also say ‘No’ to plastic bags. Plastic is not biodegradable. How many times have we read from the newspapers of fish being choked to death because of plastic bags? I will instead carry a cloth bag with me to carry all my shopping.

As a result, there will be less littering and pollution. Moreover, I will add to my ‘No’ list of disposables, especially Styrofoam and polystyrene containers. Again, I will go everywhere prepared. For my takeaways, I will bring my own tiffin carriers and containers.

This will definitely reduce the amount of rubbish I throw away. Of course, it can be quite inconvenient but ‘little drops of water make the mighty ocean’.

Another example of what I can do is to reuse. I will use paper on both sides, reuse any paper and cards. I will creatively reuse wrapping paper, ribbons, birthday cards. Every ton of paper I reuse will save seventeen trees.

I can also do compost from my kitchen and garden. All the leftover food and garden trimmings can form mulch and enrich the soil. Old toothbrushes can be used for cleaning shoes and walls and a hundred other things. To do this alone is difficult, so I will get the help of my mother and the rest of the family.

Instead of an individual effort, it becomes a family or class effort. It is more effective this way. For example, if I can convince my ‘gang’ to separate paper, plastic, glass, and metals for recycling, it will really help to reduce the emission of methane. Still another example is computer recycling. As we change our computers and other related electronic products quite quickly, we should send them to recycling companies that specialize in such work. Just throwing them away will cause a major problem of disposal.

There seems a lot to be done. I will start today. I will get my family and my friends to participate in Earth Hour. One small step toward saving the environment.