Letter format to Supplier for Late Delivery

Letter format to Supplier for Late Delivery

Letter format to Supplier for Late Delivery

[This is a sample compliant Letter format to Supplier for Late Delivery of ordered items, material for the construction site. You can also follow this formats as a Letter to Supplier for timely Delivery of Material required at the site.]


Authority name…

Suppliers company or vendors name…


Sub: Letter for Delay in Delivery of Goods

Dear sir,

This is to bring your kind attention towards the matter that has been pending since last week (Date). It is observed that there is a delivery problem going on regarding the delivery of material on site.

We submitted our required material requisition to you on the (Date). It has been 2 weeks since that request and no material is delivered on the site. Keeping in mind the progress of this ongoing project it is a very serious matter as we have to complete the desired work in time. In the meeting held at our office, it has been a serious agenda of unavailability of material and the pace of the work. The work cannot be at its optimal pace if there is no material available. So it left us with no other option than to remind you of this existing problem. We hope you will take all the necessary actions required in the solution of this problem. We are being answerable to the client for all the delay in work progress. Kindly take immediate actions in this regard and try to figure out this problem as soon as possibly you can, so that the work can be continued swiftly utilizing all the present resources.

Looking forward to a rapid action from your end. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Your name…

Job designation (e.g., Project Coordinator)