Sample Promotional Sales Letter

Sample Promotional Sales Letter

[Business experts favor Sales letters to describe their products and to draw clientele. Below briefly describe on Sample Promotional Sales Letter. The sales letter templates are generally promotional letters that lead to the enhancement of the sale of the products. These sales letters samples are generally referred to as the landing page of sales. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Sender/Your Name…

Job Designation…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on which letter is written)


Receiver/Client Name…

Home/Office Address…

Sub: (Main purpose of writing the letter)

Dear (Sir/ Madam/ Name of the recipient),

We are glad to inform you about (introduction of the business or your product). We are looking forward to (purpose of the letter). (Describe in your words).

We have introduced (details, quality, features, and benefits of your business/ product). The price that has been quoted (introduce the price quotes). (Explain all about the situation).

We are hoping for (restate purpose for letter). Thank you for giving you valuable time. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation). I hope for better business.

Warm regards,

(Name and signature of the sender)

(Name of the organization)


Another Format, [Email Format]

From: Sender Mail address,

To: Receiver Mail Address,

Sub: (Main purpose of writing the mail)

Dear (Madam/ Sir/ Name of the recipient),

We heard from you that you are having problems with our product that you purchased last month. We, (name of the company) always offer good quality products with good service life. (Describe the actual problem and situation).

As our product caused inconvenience, our company offers you a free service to make sure that everything is working in order and you are satisfied with it. (Describe in your words). Soon, an officer will be at your doors to take care of our product. (Cordially describe your greetings and further actions).

For additional information, you can call us at our customer service desk or visit our website.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Name and signature of the sender)

(Name of the organization).