Sample Settlement Release letter Format

Sample Settlement Release letter Format

Sample Settlement Release letter Format

[A settlement release letter is a letter that is written to settle a dispute and to avoid going to court. Here briefly focus on Sample Settlement Release letter Format. This letter contains all the terms and conditions of a settlement and the part that both the parties will have to play after the settlement, is written in this letter. Usually, the party having a faulty part in the dispute is the one who releases a settlement letter. This is an official and formal letter. Be polite and to the point. Make sure that the settlement agreements are fair for both parties. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Sender/Your name…

Job Designation/Business Address…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Letter Writing date)


Receiver name…

Job Designation/Business Address…

Subject: Settlement Release letter

Dear (Sir/name),

This letter is to inform you about (write all the details about the credit amount and payment settlement). (Describe in your words). Within one week of payment, I want all charges of dues removed and deleted from my account entirely with a statement that the payment has been paid in full. (Describe actual problem and situation).

I request you to agree to these terms and conditions and send a signed document back to me, immediately after which I will make the payment. (Cordially describe your greetings and requirements). I hope you will make efforts for us to resolve this issue peacefully.

Yours sincerely,

Your name…

Job Designation/Business Address…

Contact Info. and signature…


Another Format, [Email format]

To: Receiver mail address, name.fhgs@mail.com

From: Sender mail address, name.jkjd@mail.com

Subject: Settlement Release letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to propose a settlement and release deal between the two of us. (Describe in your words). I want to propose this deal because (mention reason). Like you know all deals have certain claims to them, I would also like to make some claims. (Describe all about a situation).

(Mention the claims in bullet points)

  1. *** *** ***
  2. *** *** ***
  3. *** *** ***

If you agree to these claims or if you want to negotiate further, I would gladly accept it and would set up a meeting so that we can discuss the settlement. (Describe on terms and conditions). I would urge you to think about it properly before you make a decision. And I would also say that you make a decision that will help us both move on with our lives and not fall back to courtroom drama. (Cordially describe your greetings and requirements)

If you wish to contact me, please call my office or send an email to me (mention email address). I hope you make the best decision.


Your name.

Job Designation/Business Address…