Sample Research Agenda Format

Sample Research Agenda Format

[Research agendas are comprised of a strand of research that you explore. Here focus on Sample Research Agenda Format. It is always written for the individuals who will be the core members of the research team. The research agenda can only be prepared after the responsible individual receives all the information about the data the institution is trying to recover by conducting the research.]

Points to consider while drafting Research Agendas –

  • The kind of study that the researcher is required to undertake must be provided on the agenda.
  • The information becomes useful for the researcher accurately to prioritize the main items of the research.
  • The research agenda must consider any variables that are needed during the research.
  • The details within the document must be organized to ensure that an effective research agenda is provided to the individual who is responsible for the same.


Basic Education Research Agenda –

Department of Education

[Date: DD/MM/YY]

Adoption of The Basic Education Research Agenda (Subject)

[To Names And Departments of the Addressees]

(1) The Department of Education selects the elementary education analysis schedule which is included and provides direction to the department and its stakeholders in the conduct of education research and the utilization of the results of the research to inform the departments planning, program and policy development aligned with its core values, mission, and vision.

(2) The research agenda will be building on gains from research which exists, generate fresh knowledge on prioritized research areas and focus the attention of the department on relevant issues related to education to maximize resources which are available for ongoing research from within and beyond the department.

(3) All orders of the department other than related issues, rules and regulations or provisions that are inconsistent with this policy are at this moment repealed, modified or rescinded with immediate effect.

(4) Strict compliance of disorder and immediate decimation is directed.

[Signature of the authorized signatory]

[name of the authorized signatory].


Another Format,

Hero Research Meeting Agenda (Subject)

[Date: DD/MM/YY]


7 AM — networking breakfast arranged the organization.

8 AM — welcome and opening remarks by the CEO and president of the organization.

8:15 AM — research agenda and updates by the vice president of the organization.

8:45 AM — the value of a well-being approach presented by the research director.

9:45 AM — networking break.

10 AM — small group discussion before reporting back.

10:45 AM — update on recent industry research.

11:30 AM — culture health study committee update.

12 PM — networking lunch

1 PM — reconvene meeting with vice president of research of the organization.

1:15 PM — healthy workplaces and healthy communities.

1:45 PM — networking break.

2 PM — experimental engagement: driving value and outcomes in the shifting employee landscape.

3 PM — small group discussion and reporting back.

3:45 PM — vote on the priorities of the organization.

4 PM — meeting agenda meant by the president of the organization.

[Nore: The individual creating the research agenda must consider the individual requirements of the research which is being planned and create an agenda which is suitable for the same.]