Sample Request Letter for Duplicate Bill and Invoice

Sample Request Letter for Duplicate Bill and Invoice

Sample Request Letter for Duplicate Bill and Invoice

[Below briefly describe on sample Request Letter for Duplicate Bill and Invoice. You can follow this sample letter for requesting a duplicate bill from a company or invoice from a vendor or supplier. You can also follow thee as – Please send me a format for requesting an invoice copy. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Manager (Job Designation),

Pharmacy/Clinic Name,

Office Address…

Sub: Please Issue Me a Duplicate of Invoice Copy of All Medicines

Respected Sir,

My wife/husband/any relative has admitted to (Hospital/Clinic name) in front of your pharmacy and had an acute surgery of appendicitis (Disease type). I had bought all the medicines and the surgery stuff from your pharmacy. (Describe in your own words). Due to great anxiety during the operation, I was unable to collect all the invoices. Now I am in a desperate need of those invoices so that I can claim the medical from my organization. (Explain the actual cause and situation).

So it is my humble request to please issue me the copies of all invoices against my name and medical record number [***] so that medical can easily be claimed. (Describe your requirements). I hope that you will solve my problem immediately.

Thank you in advance.


Your name…

Customer no. [***]

Contact information…


Another format,


Manager Billings (Job Designation),

Company/Institute Name,

Office Address…

Sub: Request for Duplicate Bill and Invoice

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your invoice dated [Date: DD/MM/YY] with respect to rendering of financial consultancy services (Service name) to me for the financial year ended [Date]. I received the said invoice on [Date]. (Describe in your own words).

May I inform you that the aforesaid invoice contains an amount of (Money amount) which seems an erroneous computation. As per the agreement initiated between us dated (Date), the proposed professional fee shall be xxx on monthly retainer ship basis instead of the amount mentioned in the invoice. (Explain the actual cause and situation). Further, we decided at your office that this proposed professional fee shall be in lump sum inclusive of value added tax. Out of pocket expense may be included on a mutually agreed basis.

For your ready information, I am enclosing herewith the same agreement so that you may reconcile your billing without having any difficulty. You are hereby requested to revise your invoice for the services received and send the same to my address so that I can process your payment swiftly. (Describe your requirements). Your prompt response would be highly anticipated.

Thanking you and best regards.

Your name…

House No. xxx, Street No. xxx,

Contact Information…