Sample Termination Letter format for Fraud

Sample Termination Letter format for Fraud

[Below briefly focus on Sample Termination Letter format for Fraud. A fraud case had quite widespread now a day, so it is very necessary to know how to write a termination letter for a fraud. It is an official letter that mentions all types of details for termination. Even the official’s name is sometimes mentioned who cancels the project. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs.]


Sender/Your name…

Job Designation and Department name…

Company/Institute Name…

Date: DD/MM/YYYY (date of writing the letter)


Receiver Name…

Company/Institute Name…

Subject: A letter of termination for the receiver

Respected (Name),

On behalf of the company, I would like to announce to you that you have been terminated from all the running or upcoming contracts. (Describe in your words). The decision was made collectively by the members of the board of directors. It is our request to collect all your items and samples from the reception. (Describe actual problem and situation). The reason for this termination is a fraud committed by your team. (Describe all about the situation). The decision made is irrevocable.

As the fraud case is out so your payment has been seized that is no payments will be made. (Explain official decision). A few days later you would be sent a court notice asking for compensation. I hope you will co-operate with us in this upcoming investigation. (Describe your recommendation and requirements).

I give you my regards that you get a new contract. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Name and signature

(the post and company’s name should also be mentioned)


Another Format, [Email Format]

To: Receiver mail address,

From: Sender mail address,

Subject: Termination letter


On behalf of (Your Company Name), I would like to inform you that your services are terminated due to the fraud committed by your team members. (Describe in your words). The entire team is being informed about the same and given a notice of dismissal and action will be taken against them, including you. (Describe actual problem and situation).

Please know that the company in the (Branch name) court has filed a case under the law (***) where if you are proved guilty, your assets would be taken over by the company and you will have to face legal consequences. (Describe all about the situation). The first consequence is your termination from the company and soon you will receive a legal notice mentioning a period for you to accept the crime you committed, else you will have to attend the court. (Describe your recommendation and requirements).

Thanking you.

Name and Contact Info…

On behalf of Company Name…