Sample Project Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Project Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Project Meeting Agenda Format

[The agenda proves helpful for all participants of the meeting especially when discussions are being held about the progress of a project. These are Sample Project Meeting Agenda Format. The agendas are just guidelines provided by the leaders of the institution to team members informing them about the tasks they need to accomplish within a certain period.]

The project meeting agenda gains importance especially when:

  • You decide to call a project meeting for assigning the project to a team of people.
  • When you decide that you need to discuss the progress of a particular project with the team members who have been assigned the task.
Example of Project Meeting Agenda –

[Project Meeting Agenda for Financial Institutions]

Department of Financial Institutions Members Meeting Agenda Notice;



(1) Public Session

(2) Attendance.

(3) Date of next meeting and location.

(4) Approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on [date of the meeting].

(A) Bank and Trust Division

1. Bank/Institute name… Address…

The Bank/Institute( name), has made an application to the department for approval of a plan for conversion after which the bank will convert from a nationally chartered commercial bank to a state chartered commercial bank.

2. (Company name) has made an application for approval of a merger with (Institute name) in (Address) and after that (Company name) along with (Institute name) will be fully owned subsidiaries of the (Company name) Financial Group Inc., (Address) before the consummation of the merger.

3. Your Community Bank/Institute (name) and Address…

On [date] the department was intimated that Your Community Bank/Institute (name) would be closing their (address) branch from [date]. The branches located at [address of the branch] and this item is only for informational purposes.

You are advised to contact the Department of financial institutions if you are unable to attend this meeting for many reasons.


Another Format,

Example of Project Meeting Agenda –

[Monthly Project Review Meeting Agenda]

[From Name of the Individual Scheduling the Meeting]


[Time of the Meeting]

[Topic of the Meeting]

[Attendees: Names of All Attendees To Be Included]

Attachments For Informational Sources

  • current project repository.
  • Results of recent quality analysis reviews.
  • Approval to proceed forms along with applicable action limits and results

Meeting Agenda (Review Project Dashboard)


  • The number of active projects on schedule and budget.
  • Number of projects behind schedule by more than 10%.
  • Number of projects ahead of schedule by more than 10%.
  • The total number of projects in the active portfolio.
  • The number of projects completed within the last 30 days.
  • The number of projects commenced in the last 30 days.
  • The number of change requests submitted in the last 30 days.

The monthly project review meeting should be prioritizing the projects that need to be reviewed, and projects that are concerning should be initiated.

The project managers must be prepared to discuss questions about their projects which may be raised during the meeting.