Sample Nonprofit Agenda Format

Sample Nonprofit Agenda Format

Sample Nonprofit Agenda Format

[A nonprofit agenda is a list of scheduled plans for a nonprofit organization meeting. It is the objective of every agenda which is created to ensure that people who are expected to be present at the meeting are aware of its purpose.]

Points to consider while drafting Nonprofit Agendas –

  • The name of the organization that will be using the nonprofit agenda.
  • The agenda must have information about the nature of the nonprofit organization.
  • The list of attendees that are expected to participate may also be mentioned.
  • The date of the meeting along with the location is also needed.
  • The executive session which is always necessary should be present after every session.


Example of Nonprofit Agenda –

[Agenda: Name of The Nonprofit Organization]


[Location And Time of the Meeting:]

1 — Call to Order

2 — Roll call.

3 — Approval of the agenda.

4 – New business.

  • Appoint a temporary secretary and a chairperson.
  • Report on the filing of articles of incorporation.
  • Adopt the bylaws of this organization [name of the nonprofit organization].
  • Appointment of officers.
  • Designate the office of the principal.
  • Corporate bank account [optional].
  • Fine for tax exemptions [optional].
  • File necessary state reports [optional].

5 — Set dates for the next meeting.

6 — Comments by members and announcements.

7 — Adjournment.


Another Example of Nonprofit Agenda –

[From Name of the Nonprofit Organization]

[Date, Time And Location Of the Meeting].

Agenda For the Annual General Meeting Of [Name of the Organization]

  1. Minutes from the Last Meeting
  2. Appointment of a new trustee.
  3. The annual accounts.
  4. Any projects being planned, currently executed and issues that need to be discussed.

Procedure for The Annual General Meeting:

  • Call the meeting to order.
  • Introduction of the member.
  • Welcome to the third AGM (Annual General Meeting) of [name of the organization]
  • Introduction of other directors and trustees.

Chairman’s note: I confirm in accordance with the Constitution of [name of the organization] a quorum for the meeting is present, and therefore I declare the meeting of shareholders and beneficiaries appropriately constituted. At the agenda for the meeting has been circulated to all members I consider the same as read. I also advise that the directors have confirmed the minutes of the annual general meeting held on [date] are true and represent an accurate record of the meeting. Copies of the minutes of the meeting are available at [name of the place].

Financial statements and a report by the auditors.

Ladies and gentlemen a motion is moved for adopting the financial statements and the auditor’s report for the year ending [term of the year]. I request a shareholder to second the motion.

The motion is presently open for a discussion. I will be happy to take questions and invite any discussions with shareholders as may be required.

Auditors report

I move an option to appoint new auditors.

Electing a director.

By the Constitution of the organization Mr. [name of the individual] retires from the casual vacancy which was created by the resignation of Dr. [name of the individual] last month. Mr. [name of the individual] is eligible for reelection and has offered himself for the same. The experience and expertise of the member will be invaluable for the organization.

I move a motion for Mr. [name of the individual] to be elected as a director of the organization.

I request a shareholder to second the motion.

The motion is now open for discussion.

Any other business?

No businesses to discuss at the moment.


[Note: Nonprofit organizations can conduct meetings despite them not being involved in any financial activities. They are in fact required to do so to meet with the requirements of the state and also to disclose information on any activities they are conducting or plan to conduct.]