Sample Letter of Intent to Open a Business

Sample Letter of Intent to Open a Business

Sample Letter of Intent to Open a Business

[This is a sample Letter of Intent to Open a Business or intent for a business partnership or intent for a business ventureYou can modify these formats as your requirement.]


Name…(Enter Friends Name Here),


Sub: Letter of Intent to Open a Business

Dear friend,

I am fine and I hope you are doing fine too. Congratulations on your recent graduation, I couldn’t be more proud of you. Friend, as you know the inflation rate in our country is on the rise. It’s very hard to earn bread and better whilst keeping legality of work in mind.

I had an idea a few weeks back and wanted to discuss it with you. As you know, I am not working for anyone right now and always had plans to build my own business and grow with it. I didn’t discuss my plan with you sooner as I wanted to do some research on it first myself. Although I had a lot of business startups plans in my mind but the plan that hit me the most was to start up my own gaming zone and carry on with it.

The idea for starting up a gaming zone came to me when I met an old friend, as he is jobless himself nowadays he wanted me to associate with him in the field of work. I will be the main investor in our startup. You the main with the brains will deal with all the management issues and come up with solutions to our everyday problems. My other friend will help us in the constructions and maintenance of our site respectively.

All in need from you is an acknowledgment and I hope that I will get it.

Best regards,

Your name…

Contact no. and Signature…