Saints Row of Volition Showcases Sunshine Springs’ New District

Saints Row of Volition Showcases Sunshine Springs’ New District

Volition released a brand-new teaser for the next, cost-free Saints Row update yesterday. It will introduce a brand-new area named Sunshine Springs to the game, which is the subject of the video, as specified in the previously revealed roadmap. The first expansion for Saints Row, The Heist, and the Hazardous, which will feature new story objectives, events, and cosmetics, is located in Sunshine Springs, which the creators claim gives the game additional shops and activities.

The next version is also planned to revamp combat and include a genuine Photo Mode. Volition intends to release Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus, a solo game mode, in July. The free update, which will be published at the same time, will include additions and upgrades to the main game that has yet to be revealed.

Finally, the third DLC, which is planned to expand the game with more story missions, cosmetics, and events, will be released the following month to coincide with Saints Row’s first anniversary. More new features and yet another district (possibly the site of the aforementioned story DLC) will be added in the complimentary update.

In August 2022, Saints Row debuted as a soft relaunch of the well-known open-world criminal game. The game didn’t receive favorable reviews upon release and didn’t sell as many copies as parent firm Embracer Group had hoped. Even the CEO of Embracer, Lars Wingefors, had to confess to investors that the return on investment (ROI) wouldn’t be very high. With the hope that Gearbox’s management will be able to improve the studio’s performance (which already flopped with their previous title, Agents of Mayhem), Volition was also moved from the Deep Silver label to Gearbox.

Saints Row is currently being improved by the Volition team for the players that persevered during the game’s rocky launch.